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Topic: Galaxy Steinway

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    Galaxy Steinway

    Can anyone comment on this library?. I would be especially interested to hear from those of you who are familiar with a real Steinway in comparison.

    Thanks much,


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    Re: Galaxy Steinway

    It's great, and you don't have to run it in 5:1 surround to get really good results imo. There are some unique mods done by Olivier - you may want to look him up.

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    Re: Galaxy Steinway


    i've just made one piano with the Galaxy and the old EW-STEINWAYB.

    I've just taken some pedal down sounds of the B to create some harmonics between keys and real time sustain.

    After several samples processing - i've create my own "Gigapulse" for this new piano. ( i don't have gigastudio 3) and real pedal behaviour.

    A Gigastudio 3 version of the Galaxy if possible - ask Bestservice for this - they sell Gigastudio 3 in Europa.

    They can contact me i have some ideas for such version.

    Be aware that only gigastudio 2/3 can reproduce a real piano release (real pedal behaviour within the release of keys). Kontakt/ Kompakt/Halion can't.

    It's my ultimate Steinway D. (Galaxy + Steinway B)

    But i can't give this version due to copyright. (Patch impossible to post because it's a new full version)

    You should take a look to this upcoming new virtual piano :




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    Re: Galaxy Steinway

    Any really good mp3 demos of the Galaxy out there? Solo, of course.


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    Re: Galaxy Steinway

    Listening to the Synth demos you've linked Olivier. The Steinway is interesting, and I like the choice of classical pieces. The sound is very dry but very accurate. My initial criticism of the sound might be that it's just a bit monotone. A bit nasal. Not much subtleness. Perhaps more layers are needed.


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    Re: Galaxy Steinway

    Actually, listening to more demos of the Steinway. It's really VERY impressive. I would definitely check this one out, folks. Definitely.

    Listening A LOT to these demos. The Bos I don't like, although for a dry recorded Bos it's pretty spot on. (I just don't like them recorded dry.) But the Yamaha is excellent. It's the first Yamaha sample I've heard that I like.


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    Re: Galaxy Steinway


    Seems to be out only for mac OS X users , but i'm not sure :


    I will send them a email



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