I'm sure there's a thread somewhere already for this, but couldn't find it. I'd planned on using GS3 with Nuendo via Rewire, but that appears to be a problem for a number of us. So, I'm looking for recommendations on a sound card with GSIF 2 support. I've looked at Tascam's list of cards but that doesn't really give me the word on the street in terms of what's cool and what's not.

This card will need to play nice in a computer that also has a Digi001 card, and digital i/o via adat lightpipe or spdif would probaby be the way I'd want to go. Having just moved into a new studio, I was trying to keep expenses down (hence not running GS3 on its own computer), so I'd prefer a lower cost solution. The RME stuff is cool, but pricey. Any thoughts?


Christopher Duncan