I mentioned these in a thread about Kurzweil that sank into oblivion. Has anyone listened to the demo mp3's of these piano samples?

Often only 2 layers, and with Kurzweil effects. A very different sound than many of the giga oriented pianos. (All of which are lovely.)

They have a lot of presence (given no pp layer) but to my ears a clear, liquid sound I want. Not always the "natural" sound we may have come to expect--and not what the developer intends, but the emphasis is on creating a really full, beautiful sound. Part of it comes from the Kurzweil effects engine. Slightly different versions for Kurzweil, Korg, and the Motif. A great sounding Baldwin grand on the Kurzweil cd. The developer suggested starting with the Motif version for translating.

Anyone else like them?