After about 2 weeks of painful waiting I recieved GS 3 Orchestra from Bestservice-Germany

1.Great package ( love it)
2.Great user manual

And now the fun part.

I have read through the different topics about registration process, rewire problems and so on. I have to admit that at first I was a little bit afraid ( don't know why )

But maybe I'm the lucky one. The registration process was not of an issue. I only had a failure during the installation process, but I got it running.

I have to say that after about 7 hours of testing and experimenting... it is a great piece of software ( despite some issues some others might have)
GigaPulse is somewhat fascinating with its breathtaking functions.
I have to dig more into the whole concept of it.

Also the giga content is fantastic ( I have to purchase some libraries ).
Dont get me wrong but all of this makes me addicted.

Despite its bugs the programmers did a great job and I only hope there will be a 64 Bit version in the not so distant time.

So and now I'm off to the GigaStudio world.