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Topic: Losing respect for Giuliani

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    Losing respect for Giuliani

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    I thought Giuliani was one of the coolest people on Earth after 9/11 seeing his heartfelt and genuine actions to keep a city in crisis together and focused. He seemed like a smart guy who was on the ball and putting his political affiliations aside for the greater good.

    Tonight, after seeing him on Fox and the Daily Show, I have to say that he appears completely blinded and brainwashed by his party, and totally in denial and out of touch with what happened on tonight's debate. He kinda reminds me of the Iraq generals maintaining that they were winning the war while the US was demolishing half of the country. Really weird and kinda disappointing.
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    Re: Losing respect for Giuliani

    Great guy as long as he stays away from politics.

    P.S.: Fox News is Satan.

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    Re: Losing respect for Giuliani

    Agreed. He was the perfect healer for NYC after 911 - but now he shows his true colors - he is a politician, and he has a clear agenda -- In four years it will be him and Kerry up there exchanging verbal punches.

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    Angry Re: Losing respect for Giuliani

    Well I left NY last year and I have to say: Man I miss that town and the biz BUT I really didn't miss his legacy. I was in NY during 9/11 and gagged as Oprah and other media praise him. I thought, 'Well the nation doens't live here full time.' 9/11 saved his career.

    when I was living in NY I was shocked to see him:
    -roust the poor (jailing homeless if they refused shlelter. arresting homeless who sleep on chruch steps, arresting homeless who wash windshields)
    -say that shooting someone 41 times is police procedure AND call another shooting of another unarmed African valid because he's a former criminal (he later apologized after public pressure)
    -dated his mistress IN public while going through a messy divorice with his wife (some of the hearings were reported to be so bad that the divorce judge had to tell he and his wife to: 'think less of themselves and more of their children'

    the reality is hes not a leader for peace. he's a leader for crises.

    my .02


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    Re: Losing respect for Giuliani

    before 911 he was obsessed with some artist work which he thought his work was obscene and wanted it removed from where it was shown. his argument was public funds where involved. I zero respect for him then. amazing how 911 bought out the best in him . i think he has higher ambitions next time around well see..

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