I looked through the archives for some insight on this and found just a little bit, but I feel I need more.

I broke down yesterday and ordered GS3 and that means my trusty old 1 GHz Athlon running Win 98 SE will probably find other uses. I've considering AMD 64, but Athlon XP may be fine for my purposes. What I see in GS3 that I want is being able to run a bunch of instruments with GigaPulse. The way I work is to go chior by chior through the orchestra, strings first, then woodwinds, then brass, then percussion. I don't try to get the whole thing locked up then track. That may be because I haven't been able to do that in the past.

I'll probably need a new audio card because I haven't been happy with the audiophile 2496, I could never get the SP/DIF output to work.

So those of you using GS3 now what do you recommend for processor. I'm partial to AMD for budget reasons and understand the benefit of the AMD 64, but I'm not convinced I need it. Also what's a good sound card for under $500 that has litepipe as well as analog outs. I have a RME 96/8PST in another system and I'm happy with it, but I see RME has had problems with GD3's GSIF2 drivers. However if that issue was midi related only I'll be using MidioverLAN+ mto connect my systems and won't be concerned with MIDI.


Steve Chandler