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Topic: Building new computer. Suggestions?

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    Building new computer. Suggestions?

    One of the guys we know out here in WA builds computer systems, so I'm going to have him put together a new DAW for me. Some particulars might be limited by our budget, but regardless of that, what would any of you with some expertise in this area recommend as far as some of the basic choices - motherboard, chipset, etc.

    Thanks much,
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    Re: Building new computer. Suggestions?

    I'd go with an AMD 64 and the appropriate Gigabyte motherboard. The price will be right and so will the performance.

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    Re: Building new computer. Suggestions?

    I use Asus P4P800-E--I've seen it mentioned several times around here and the Sonar forum. Works great for me.
    It has Serial ATA ports, supports 800 Mhz PIV.
    It's the 865PE chipset. Provides for dual-channel DDR400 Memory chips.
    I'm using a 2.8 w 2 GB RAM and a 230 GB SATA drive, ATI radeon 9600XT video card (support dual monitors!!).
    Sound card is Maudio2496 Audiophyle.
    It's not a dedicated DAW, I use it for other stuff, too.
    It's probably considered a medium (not high end) DAW.

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    Re: Building new computer. Suggestions?

    Hi Shazbot, I'm using an Asus P4P800-SE w/ P4 3GHZ intel chip 4GB ram and two 200GB SATA drives. Running Cubase SX2, Wavelab, lots of VSTI'S and no problems. I am going back and forth between hyperthreading on and off to see which gives me better performance. SATA drives are a little more money but I have noticed a nice improvement in loading times and the like. Let us know what you end up getting!

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    Re: Building new computer. Suggestions?


    Take a look at the AOpen boards, too. I have an AX4SPE Max and I love it. It can hold 4MB of DDR and is both ATA and SATA capable. I believe both RAID configs are possible. Plenty of various ports including Firewire and eight USB 2.0. I'm running a P4 2.8 HT 800MHz FSB. GPO with a full load and Sibelius running (with a lot of notes) averages about 43% of the CPU.

    AOpen has great overclocking options and fan controls, too, if you're into that.

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    Re: Building new computer. Suggestions?

    Hey Shazbot,

    If you're going to go the Intel route, then I'd have to recommend an Asus MB (i have a p4p800-E deluxe and I love it). I have a 2.8 ghz 800 mgz fsb p4 and a gig of ram. I have no problems loading and running several instances of GPO in sonar 3PE (though if I had another gig of ram....oh the possibilities)

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    Re: Building new computer. Suggestions?

    Hi Shazbot,

    I don't know if this is any help, but I read this a while back and bookmarked it, although I'm not nearly tech savvy enough to really do it. I'm sure many of the specs are dated, but it might have some useful general tips:


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    Re: Building new computer. Suggestions?

    Wow. Thanks, everyone. But I have to admit, my eyes glaze over and I say, "Nnng-kaaay" when I read some of these specs. But I'll forward this to our friend so he can see what he thinks. He builds computers regularly, but isn't a musician or anything, so there may be some particulars that would be better for a DAW than what he might typically put together for other systems.

    One thing he said is that currently AMD is better to go with than P4, and a thread on the Sonar forum seemed to ultimately agree with that, though there was quite a bit of dissension about it in general. In the article that Quasar linked, they recommend P4, but that's over 2 years old, so...

    In any case, the good news is that whatever I end up with, it'll be a heck of a lot stronger than what I've been using!
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    Re: Building new computer. Suggestions?

    Quote Originally Posted by Shazbot
    a thread on the Sonar forum seemed to ultimately agree with that

    I recently upgraded and did quite a bit of looking before deciding, including at the SONAR thread. I ended up going with an Athlon64 3200+ to avoid the excessive heat and normalization issues that plague the current P4 crop. I got 2GB memory and a K8N Neo Platinum with the nNVIDIA nForce 3 250Gb chip set. Window XP Pro, too. The price was right, which left me some $$$ to get a good sound card and and a 20" Apple Cinema display (this turns out to have been a really good move!!!). Scott Reams put it all together for me.

    I made the change to AMD after sticking with Intel for over 20 years because of concerns about compatibility, since I was always doing the music on my software development machine. Everything is running great.

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