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Topic: GS3 impressions so far? Plus, question about VSL inclusion

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    GS3 impressions so far? Plus, question about VSL inclusion

    I'm considering upgrading from GS2.5 to GS3.0. Is this generally considered an OK move, or are there too many bugs that need to be worked out?

    Also, I noticed GS3 Orch includes a nice handful of VSL instruments. How limited are they? Do they include perf. legato samples?


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    Re: GS3 impressions so far? Plus, question about VSL inclusion

    Upgrading has some risks, but if it works on your system, I believe that it is well worth it. The load times are quick and GigaPulse rocks. The parametric EQ is nice too. Got fast hard drives in a RAID? Get 300+ voices, easy. I get 256 with a 7,200 Seagate. I would be unhappy to go back.

    Check the thread about "systems that WORK" to see if you match up well with others' successes. If you have a Terratec audio card, then wait. Their drivers and GS3 don't get along.

    For the safest route, get a new hard drive, install a fresh copy of Windows and GS3. If it fails, just go back to the old hard drive until you have time to troubleshoot. Or live more dangerously and go for the straight upgrade. Just keep your GS2.5 registration numbers handy if you are one of the unlucky ones. GS3 is worth it, but just in case...

    Regarding Vienna Giga Symphony, it's very usable and sounds great, but it's definitely a light library along the lines of a GPO or Silver. You don't get a ton of articulations.

    There are demo legato patches for solo clarinet and viola ensemble. They cover about an octave. There's also a portamento demo patch. Very cool, but limited.

    The nice thing about VGS is that it's a complete orchestra that you can load quickly into a 1GB machine along with the PMI Bos 290 and still have room for more 3rd party libs. You can see it as a light orchestra or a killer scratch pad, depending on your intentions.

    There's lots of info gathered here on known bugs, stuff that generally works and stuff that works for some and not for others.

    All the best...


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    Re: GS3 impressions so far? Plus, question about VSL inclusion

    The VSL content is pretty good. The strings have the most articulations (sustained, pizz, tremolo, staccato, portato). The harp is single notes only, but very useable. The percussion contains several basic instruments such as snare drum, bass drum, triangle, cymbals (sustained and crash), xylophone, glockenspiel...

    The brass and woodwinds are good, but very limited in articulations. You get sustained and 2 versions of staccato.

    since I got version 3.0, my music has sounded a lot better. The audio capture has been improved in clarity and loudness (you can hear the playback even better). I have noticed problems with samples that have reverb. They don't seem to play very well. VSL pro edition sounds and work very well, no problems with that.

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