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Topic: Human Playback Tutorial

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    Thumbs up Human Playback Tutorial

    Robert Piéchaud has written a tutorial for Using GPO and Human Playback. Robert is also the developer/programmer of Human Playback.


    Human Playback and GPO perform very well together. Scoring in a notation program can be very mechanical and often lacks the feeling, phrasing and nuance of music that is performed.

    With Human Playback, an advanced set of algorithms enhances and "humanizes" the playback of notation files (see http://www.finalemusic.com/finale/fe...n-playback.asp).

    Human Playback is now GPO compatible.

    Thank you Robert for not only writing this tutorial, but for writing this indispensable and brilliant program.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Human Playback Tutorial

    Wow! The difference between the two mp3 examples is nothing short of remarkable.

    I'm curious as to how customizable it is. While it clearly "humanizes" the sound, can it- in my case- "Quasarize" it? In other words, can I emulate the uniquely personal expression I'm hearing in my own mind when I compose a piece?

    If so, then my interest in getting fast and fluid with notation (after I get seemless with Sonar and sequencing) goes from back-burner project to front-burner, because this would seem to go a long way towards solving a problem unique to our digital age. Traditionally, of course, humanizing a score was never an issue, as probably not even Bach could be so mechanically precise as to sound like a computer. (Or could he?)

    Thanks for the info and links.

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    Re: Human Playback Tutorial

    This makes me want to upgrade to 2005! Changing the dynamics from velocity to modwheel data automatically is attractive. Now, if they would only make human playback play crescendos and decrescendos for GPO the way that it does for the built-in sounds!

    (Unless they did with this version and I just missed it or something in the info I read?)

    Thanks for helpful info

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    Re: Human Playback Tutorial

    Quote Originally Posted by Jerry W.
    Now, if they would only make human playback play crescendos and decrescendos for GPO the way that it does for the built-in sounds!
    Hi Jerry,

    Yes, you can take full advantage of GPO and HP in Fin 2005, including cresc/dim using Mod wheel rather than Volume. Sorry if this isn't clear in my notes.

    Best regards,

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    Re: Human Playback Tutorial

    Hey Jerry,

    I received my Finale 2005 upgrade last week. Forget smart tuplets and anything else, the new human playback alone is worth the price of the upgrade. Everything else is gravy. And Robert's presense here tells me that he'll listen to our comments and make HP even better with each upgrade.


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    Question Re: Human Playback Tutorial

    I love it. I use Finale and Sibelius and this is enough to make me want to use Finale exclusively.

    Question: I am really not a sequencer guy (even though I own Sonar). What would I need to do and use to create master quality music with Finale only, and bypass a sequencer (and possibly Ambience and use a different reverb)?

    Thanks again for the tutorial and I hope I get some good feedback!!!
    Gary Young

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    Re: Human Playback Tutorial

    A reply I got the other day from Geniesoft indicates that the forthcoming Overture 4 will include a humanize feature also. Joy!!

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    Re: Human Playback Tutorial

    Robert, we are thrilled to hear from you on this forum! And we Finale users are extremely excited about the developing partnership between Finale and GPO. The ability to hear absolutely realistic orchestral playback will make Finale the indisputable program of choice for composition.

    Here's an idea: by using the lighter "Player" versions of a very basic selection of GPO orchestral instruments, Finale could enable ALL its users to enjoy the astonishing fidelity of GPO in a version that would fit in a very small amount of RAM. This would put Finale light years ahead of anyone else in the field.

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