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Topic: Finale 2005 doesn't work with GPO

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    Angry Finale 2005 doesn't work with GPO

    I was using GPO via the Personal Orchestra Studio with Finale 2002 for the past year without any issues.

    System: Windows XP; 1.25 GB RAM; RME DIGI96/8 connected via lightpipe to my Yamaha 01V; MOTU MIDI Express XT.

    I upgraded to Finale 2005 this week and now GPO doesn’t work with Finale. First I launch Studio as always and then Finale. If I attempt to either use the MIDI keyboard or simply play back a Finale file I get nothing but white noise. I upgraded my version of Studio to 1.2 but encounter the same result. Finale tech support has not responded to my questions. I uninstalled and reinstalled Finale 2005 to no avail. What is exasperating is that now GPO experiences the same problem with Finale 2002. As a test I checked that GPO still works with SONAR 3. It does.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Finale 2005 doesn't work with GPO


    Seems like a configuration or setting issue. Is it possible for you to call me during the day or email me a number to reach you. I am certain we can get you up and running.

    Gary Garritan

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