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Topic: Giga Pulse in which version?

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    Giga Pulse in which version?


    I bought the GS 3 solo and when I tried the tutorial I can't find the GigaPulse Pro PlugIn. Did I made an mistake during installation or is GigaPulse available only in higher versions (ensemble or orchestra)? And then, which version is the minimum?

    Thanks Kai

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    Re: Giga Pulse in which version?

    Giga Pulse Pro is only for the Orchestra version
    best regards

    Przemyslaw K.

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    Re: Giga Pulse in which version?


    is there only a pro available or a normal version too, e g for ensemble?


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    Re: Giga Pulse in which version?


    All of the GS3 versions should include some version of GigaPulse.

    GigaPulsePro is only included in the GS3 Orchestra version. However, the other versions should include GigaPulse SP:

    When you installed GS3, did you check the "install content" option? It appears you have to check that box for the GS impulses to be loaded.

    Given that GigaPiano II has GigaPulse impulses, and given that GigaPianoII is included with all versions, there should be SOME impulse content that you can test out.

    What I am not sure of is whether those impulses are "embedded" (so you can't see them), or whether you can actively select them (via an insert) like you can with GigaPulse Pro.

    I would suggest a call to Tascam Tech Support to clarify.

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    Re: Giga Pulse in which version?

    ...and let us know what they said..

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    Re: Giga Pulse in which version?


    well, today is sunday, nothing works here and we have a holiday: the day of the german union. Thats why I post here and I will call tascam next week.
    Now I'm not at home but in the evening I'll call the Gigapiano 2 LE in GS 3 and look for an embedded GigaPulse. It is possible. But when it is so, does that mean, that I can only use it for readymade instruments and not for make my own effects? In the description for GS 3 by sound& drumland Berlin there stands, that a native version of Gigapulse is to find in all GS3 versions and the Pro is in orchestra for editing this effect. But I don't want to edit but only use it for my instruments! During installation I was asked for a folder for Gigapulse but there was no content and the folder wasn't created. Do other people have the solo or orchestra version and have the Gigapulse working or does everybody have the orchestraversion?

    greetings Kai

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    Re: Giga Pulse in which version?


    I'm using GigaStudio 3 Orchestra and deal with GigaPulse Pro most of the time. However, I think I've seen the embedded GigaPulse you'll find in the other versions. Try loading the new GigaPiano .gsi. Then look for the bright green (activated) FX button on the channel in the Midi Mixer screen. Click the FX button's drop down arrow and that should open the GigaPulse screen.

    BTW, Bruce Richardson or someone here said that users could load an instrument with an embedded GigaPulse and then remove the instrument while leaving the embedded GigaPulse, which could then be used with other instruments.


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    Re: Giga Pulse in which version?

    Thanks Bill, I'll try it!


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    Re: Giga Pulse in which version?

    Quote Originally Posted by Kai-Uwe Weiß
    During installation I was asked for a folder for Gigapulse but there was no content and the folder wasn't created.
    That definitely sounds strange. With GigaStudio Orchestra, the following folder is installed with impulse content:

    (Default path) D:\Tascam\GPulse\Common

    Inside the "Common" folder are a number of files:
    - 30 files with .fxb extensions
    - a number of files with .iis extensions

    Do you not have these?

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    Re: Giga Pulse in which version?

    Hello Martin,

    no, these folder and files I didn't have here, unfortunately. I've heard from a german Giga-specialist, that the Gigapulse in the small versions can only be seen and handled with readymade instruments, were Gigapulse is embedded, like the new piano2. I think, I will try to change my version to orchestra by giving back the solo to the store.

    Thanks Kai

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