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Topic: Composer's Choice ....who are you????

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    Composer's Choice ....who are you????

    Can anyone shed any light on composer's choice? There are some samples of it that came with GS3.
    The violin is very very good in my view.

    I called Tascam and the guy I spoke too was in tech support and did not know where those demo samples came from.
    However, he DID say that mine was not the first enquiry .

    I searched the web ....nothing!!!!
    Who or what is Compose's Choice and where on earth can I find them ????

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    Re: Composer's Choice ....who are you????

    This question was asked a few weeks ago. Here is all we know: http://www.composerschoice.com/

    This website mentions "Webdesign by Sound & Light Productions", and has a link to that site.

    I see the owner of that website has a resume, and that resume is for a "Charles Feilding". His resume lists a lot of "sound design" experience, so I assume he is the creator/producer of the Composer's Choice libraries:

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    Re: Composer's Choice ....who are you????

    Martin....thanks so much for that info ....and the lesson as well.
    What I mean by lesson is where I searched the web under every imaginable thing ...did I think of actually typing in : composerschoice.com ???
    not at all. A valuable lesson. Thanks for that too. Adriann

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    Re: Composer's Choice ....who are you????

    Adrian, I did exactly the same thing ... googled, yahood, alta vista'd, asked jeeves for composers choice ... but did I type in composerchoice.com NOPE !!

    I love the violin too .. despite a few wobbly notes ... I think it is one of the stand out freebies (along with the WS Trumpet and the Notre Dame organ).

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    Re: Composer's Choice ....who are you????

    STUNNING LIB INDEED...I've been trying to get in touch with CChoice before purchasing some of it, but am getting mo email back nor is ther any telephone number to call...

    Strangely, although I'm a GS3 user, I also would like - as I should be able to - to open some of the sounds in my Mac/Kontakt set up for more versatility...even in my EXS if necessary.
    But while the process seems to go through fine, the end result is a chorusing clump of all the sounds in one...

    So I'd like to ask them (or anyone here, of course) whether that's my fault...
    Also, as there is no indication as to the delivery times, etc...if anyone here knows about this and about possible upgrades from "Single violin" to full lib(4 vlns)...etc

    Looking forward to your feedback!

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