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Topic: Mia and GigaStudio 2.5

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    Mia and GigaStudio 2.5

    I have GigaStudio setup in the first virtual out, and Winamp in the second. If I have GigaStudio running, let's say with a piano loaded, and I'm playing, and then decide to play a song in Winamp, GigaStudio will suddenly sound all muffled. They can both play at the same time, but GigaStudio (and never Winamp it seems) will sound really weird, like you ran a LP filter over it. Sometimes this happens to Winamp when I am playing a song and then run some other audio through a different virtual out.

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    Re: Mia and GigaStudio 2.5

    It may be that Winamp is changing the sample rate setting on your MIA card to something less than the sample rate that Gigastudio uses.

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