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Topic: Blue screen of death

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    Blue screen of death

    I have everything on one PC and I've been getting the occasional blue screen. I've read before about shutting down unnecssary systems when running Giga but I noticed that there is 50+ systems running.

    I'm a hobbyist so I'm nervous about messing with that sort of thing but can someone confirm what systems I must leave running and I assume that after I've closed down and when I next open up all the systems I shut down previously will start up OK or do I have to start them up before I close the windows session down?

    Thanks for your advice DC
    David Carter (DaveTubaKing)

    Intel 8 Core i7 975 Extreme Edition 3.33GHz, Corsair 12GB (6x2GB) DDR3 1333MHz , Sibelius 6.1, Symphonic cube, MIR, Vienna Choir


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    Re: Blue screen of death


    Check out this current thread. http://www.northernsounds.com/forum/...ad.php?t=25312

    It talks about creating a GS hardware profile. i.e. a startup selectable configuration that disables those hardware aspects of your system that are not important or troublesome for a DAWS. There is also a link to a free app that allows you to control what SW starts up. And finally there is a link to a site that has instructions on how to tweak your PC for music. Always set an XP restore point before you make configuration changes.

    As far as turning off running programs, start by downloading and running http://www.mlin.net/ Now go through the listed startup programs and uncheck those that you feel you don't need. Programs like real-audio, Music Match, programs in your Tray, ... I don't think you can get yourself in trouble with this app - unless you delete rather than disable (uncheck).
    Craig Duke

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    Re: Blue screen of death

    Useful XP tuning tips here


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    Re: Blue screen of death


    also check this site http://www.processlibrary.com/.
    best regards

    Przemyslaw K.

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