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Topic: external DVD-RW burner recommend?

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    external DVD-RW burner recommend?

    Can you recommend an ext. DVD RW you're using that works well as an all-in one solution.

    Or can you recommend an external enclosure housing a DVD RW internal burner that is working well together?

    Thank you.

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    Re: external DVD-RW burner recommend?

    I have an older Sony DRU-500A DVD-RW (which is an internal model) that I mounted in one of these cases (I have the USB2+Firewire version):


    Both the USB2 and Firewire interfaces work fine for reading and writing. This is a nice case since it has a fan, but still pretty quiet. Avoid an external case without a fan since DVD-RWs can get hot when writing.

    Just about any DVD-RW drive should work fine these days. Be sure to get one that can burn dual-layer media.

    - Steve

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    Re: external DVD-RW burner recommend?

    Thaks, Busybox, for your reply.

    Actually I went out and got a Pioneer Double Layer burner and put it into generic usb2/1394 case. Actually, the brnad name is Piodata but it's actually a Pioneer drive without the pioneer label. It little bit cheaper too.

    So far so good.

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    Re: external DVD-RW burner recommend?

    Do NOT buy an EZQuest product.

    I have 3 of them - I wish I had none

    they are a total pain in the ~~~ - and I am taking them apart constantly to try and get the fans seated in such a way that is even marginally tolerable w/re to humming and buzzing and sawing against the internal parts of the enclosure - and have now resolved myself to just leaving the tops off - removing the fans (which are btw dead silent when running outside the enclosure) - it's ridiculous

    tech support is clueless ("...uh...loosen the screws?...")

    good luck


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