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Topic: Cubase examples problem

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    Cubase examples problem

    Just got GPO - looks great. However have tried to download midi examples for Cubase SX from website with no success.

    Firstly, when Cubase trys to load the GPO VST instrument it can't find any of the stored patch sounds. Instead of looking at where I've stored them (E drive) it trys and fails somewhere else and then you have to initiate an auto find (searching through the whole of C:, D: etc before you find each separate patch). Via this method it takes several hours to load a song.

    Secondly even when I did manage to get the PeerGynt example loaded there were several problems, many of the instruments seemed to lag in timing and played continuous notes. Even when I stopped the sequencer playing all the notes continued to sound until I hit the midi reset switch.

    System setup
    2.0Ghz, 1G Ram, Cubase SX with Mackie control.

    Any ideas gratefully received.

    Cheers, domc

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    Re: Cubase examples problem


    This seems to be a file path issue. If the user made the demo on drive C: and saved it there, then the song file will look to drive C first. If not found, it will scan the other drives.

    This has been addressed in the new update which has a much more efficient way of dealing with file paths.

    For the problem you are experiencing with PeerGynt, this may be a setting in Cubase. Try going to File/Preferences. The MIDI section has two checkboxes, named "Reset on Part End" and "Reset on Stop". If these are UNCHECKED, this may solve the problem.

    Gary Garritan

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