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Topic: Can a keymap be copied in the editor?

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    Can a keymap be copied in the editor?

    This is my situation,
    I have a SOV patch converted from Roland. They do not retain the MOD wheel switching info. I am attempting to re-create this. I want to X-MOD from a "p" patch to an "f" patch of London Choir. The samples are not labelled by the notes they are assigned so I have to go to the original patch and write down the assignments for each sample. Is it possible to keep the key mapping info of an original patch and then assign my next dimension to that keymap?

    Hope this clear.

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    Re: Can a keymap be copied in the editor?

    You want to explore the 'merge' and combine functions in the instrument editor.

    Merge lets you put more than one instrument in the same .gig file (eg, load your 'p' voices, then choose file>merge, navigate to the 'f' voice patch and load it - it will appear in the 'p' gig file).

    Combine lets you combine two instruments in the same .gig file in layers, keyswitches, etc and gives you the choice of how to control the combination.
    Basically, you would
    1. highlight both patches in the instrument bank list,

    2. Right click and choose 'combine instruments'

    3. In the new dialog, in the 'combine these instruments' box, use the supplied arrows to decide how you want the instruments layered - note the velocity range indicator on the left.

    4. Under 'using this controller' use the drop down and choose 'layer'. This is the type of combine you need when you want a smooth crossfade. Choosing the default 'mod wheel' makes the mod wheel a switcher, not a cross fader. You can assign the mod wheel to the crossfade function later.

    5. Fill in the other boxes - you can't do much damage here -and hit OK

    6. You now have a new 'combined' instrument.

    7. To make the mod wheel work as a crossfade device, choose a layer and choose ALL its regions.

    8. In the All Parameters box, drag the scroll bar until you see 'Mix/Layer' and click on the 'Attenuation controller' choice area (where it probably says 'none')and choose mod wheel from the drop down. This layer will now have zero volume with the mod wheel at zero, and be at full volume with the mod wheel at 127.

    9. Repeat steps 7 and 8 for the other layer, but with one extra step:

    10. After choosing the mod wheel for your attenuation control, the choice box below it, called 'attenuation control invert' will become available. If you ignore this, both patches will be layered and get louder and softer in tandem. If you choose 'yes' to invert the controller for this layer, you'll get your crossfade action.

    hope this helps

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    Re: Can a keymap be copied in the editor?

    Thanks so much for the detailed explanation.


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