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Topic: Another piece would LOVE comments

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    Another piece would LOVE comments

    I am sort of stuck in finishing this piece...or rather refinishing (refining?) it.

    Its an orchestral piece based on Gnossienne #1

    What do you think of it? DOes it seem organic? is it overcomposed? where does it fall apart? What parts do you like? I am looking more for impressions over technique...but curious to have fresh ears listen to it. Thanks!



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    Re: Another piece would LOVE comments

    [QUOTE=matolen] I am looking more for impressions over technique...but curious to have fresh ears listen to it.
    It is hard to define was is going on with the piece. There is no doubt that the piece has been revisited in an original way. Even if I am a big fan of Satie and this work in particular, I must say that I like your work for its creativity. Some of its counterpoints seem in the tradition of Milhaud and Poulenc. I think there is however a problem related to the mixing or the sound in general. Maybe the balance between instruments and the reverb should be reworked (some equalization too?). Some playing with the velocity would allow the instruments to sound more natural and come out distinctively. But don't touch to the spirit of the piece. Like that, it is great. If you want to remove some melodic lines, perhaps you can do it at the end of the piece where I feel some overcomposition. But again, I have the feeling that the problem lies in allowing the various parts to come out gently and specifically, thus more a question of tweaking than composing. Nice work!

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    Re: Another piece would LOVE comments

    Thanks so much for your comments. I completely agree with your main criticism of allowing the instruments to ebb and flow at various points, and it was a concern I tried to work out (not to my satisfaction) when I first set it up. I am pleased that you like the overall feel of the piece, I have very, very little formal training (mainly its a combination now of self-taught and going with what I hear in my head--also trying to obey what the music is telling me it wants to go!)


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    Re: Another piece would LOVE comments

    I made some adjustments to the piece,



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    Re: Another piece would LOVE comments


    Thanks for posting your version of Gnossienne.
    I don't think it is overcomposed and some judicial mixing will make this work shine. As Louis points out it is just a matter of tweaking. I find it helpful to find an arrangement that I like as a reference track and to A/B for mix and balance clues.

    Overall an excellent job. You have conveyed the spirit and soul of the work which is most important.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Another piece would LOVE comments

    Hi Matolen,

    The overall orchestration would really work in a live performance. I think that it just sounds a bit raw right now. Definately tweak some more of the velocities. The clarinet really sticks out. Lowering the volume of the instrument may help that. A little reverb and graphics equalizer could be used to help smooth out the overall sound too.

    I like the overall piece. It just needs a little more ballancing. I know how it is though. You pour out your soul to write out a piece and just when you think your done, you end up tweaking and retweaking each instrument. Then when you're at your witts end you think " It's good enough! This aint Barbirolli and the New Philharmonia Orchestra!" LOL
    ( I suffer form this all the time.)
    Don't get discouraged. You are on the cusp of perfection.

    Thanks for posting your work. I really enjoyed it.
    (The Nut )


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