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Topic: Transposing in GS question

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    Transposing in GS question

    I've imported some mono samples into GigaStudio and made a gig file out of them. How could I transpose the entire file up a few semitones?

    And how can I transpose any one of the individual samples to the pitch that I want?

    Every time I try to transpose them I get a message saying that it could not be done (something about certain unmapped regions... sorry about being so vague here).

    What's the easiest way to transpose the samples in this homemade gig file. (The samples are mono, 22 khz)



    P.S. I am still using GS 2.5.

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    Re: Transposing in GS question

    Open the editor. Select the instrument in the upper left panel. Select the notes that you want to transpose by selecting the vertical lines below the keyboard. Just beneath them are various boxes that represent the layers. Select them all. The easiest was to do that is to click the "select lock" box until all six regions are colored. That way you don't accidentally convert one velocity layer and not another.

    Now the cool part. There are a couple of pull-down menus above the vertical lines. Select "Unity Note" on one and "Drag all Regions". Drag the balls on the note lines, and the tuning will change. Do a "save as" so you don't overwrite your original.



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    Re: Transposing in GS question


    Thanks for the directions. I am still unable to transpose. I followed your directions, but the notes won't transpose. I save the file and reload it but it is the same untransposed file.

    When I slide the bar up on the bottom of the note, the pitch does not change.

    Does it have anything to do with mono samples? What else must I do?


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    Re: Transposing in GS question

    Any other instructions or suggestions on transposing samples?



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    Re: Transposing in GS question

    I seem to recall that there is an option for using/ignoring the unity note. I'm not at my machine now. Try double-clicking the instrument and looking that the instrument properties. You should look for something related to the "unity note".

    I wonder when Dave Govett will update his GigaStudio tutorial? It's a great way to learn the details of the editor. If the upgrade cost is low, it might even make sense to buy the v2.5 edition now and upgrade for free/cheap later. It's really nicely done.


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    Re: Transposing in GS question

    In the editor, after selecting all the regions as Jon suggests, and before dragging them anywhere, go to:

    Edit > preferences > ...

    On the right hand side of the preferences section there is a list of checkable options.

    Check the box on the line "retune regions when dragging"

    Without this checked, Gigastudio moves the unity note of each sample so that it is 'in tune' no matter where you move it.

    Once checked, the unity note stays put and dragging = transposition.

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