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Topic: HELP!!!!!!!

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    Angry HELP!!!!!!!

    My computer died at the weekend. The spec is as follows:-
    Asus PCP400 board
    PIV 3GHZ
    2GB DDR Ram
    2 SATA hard drives
    Delta 410 card

    It's about a year old, but in that time I've almost never actually used it. I've turned it on once in a while to install updates and upgrades, and each time I do I have a quick play to make sure that Cubase, Gigastudio, Fruityloops and Crusher-X are all working bug-free. Everything has always been fine until this week.

    I installed Giga adaptor, and then had a quick play, and got fairly frequent BSODs whilst using Cubase with NI effects. It got to the stage where my machine just kept switching itself off - without warning - and rebooting, only to switch itself off again. When I finally managed to interrupt this cycle Windows said that it had encountered a serious error, and would I like to disable all drivers associated with Giga technology. I could only assume that the fact that I had never disabled hyperthreading had disagreed with the Giga drivers and caused all the crashing, so I turned off the drivers and disabled hyperthreading.

    Unfortunately the whole cycle of restarts seemed to have corrupted everything on the machine. Not a single piece of software would still run, and the PC continued to close itself down on a regular basis.

    So I thought, 'I'll rebuild the machine.' I've done it before without any hiccups at all. Before uninstalling Windows I thought I'd use it to format my audio drive...... For some reason it wouldn't do it. 'Never mind' I thought, 'maybe that's because Windows is corrupted. I'll boot from the Windows CD and use that to format the hard drives. Surely if my BIOS is ok and the hard drives are physically intact, then there can't be a problem.....' That didn't work either. For a while both drives were completely unformatted. Then, for some reason, at about the fifth attempt, Windows formatted my system drive. So I happily began installing Windows.....

    ...for about 5 seconds, until I got an error message saying that a file couldn't be copied, and maybe my Windows CD was corrupted. I tried the installation again, and this time that particular file copied, but others wouldn't. So I tried again, and it was different files again that wouldn't copy.

    So I seem to have some kind of problem either with the CD drive being erratic, my BIOS being screwed, the IDE controller being shot, or the hard drives being physically destroyed. Just before I panic, call out the repair man and pay for a lot of parts I just thought I'd check here that this isn't some kind of common problem with an easy solution. Am I missing something I should do differently because the drives are SATA? Should my processor really be running at 44 degrees C, even when it's just running the BIOS. Any suggestions would be extremely welcome.



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    Re: HELP!!!!!!!

    Sounds like you've dug yourself a pretty good hole there! You can get to the bios before anything else gets started, so if that's your problem you should be able to get to it and correct it before Windows kicks in. I didn't see that you'd tried to use System Restore which could've restored you to an earlier time when the machine was working correctly, but it sounds like you're way past that point. If you can't get the system drive formatted NTFS the slow way, I'd try formatting it on another machine or just replacing the drive with a new one. Install with just the CD and C drive plugged in to avoid any confusion about which drive is the C drive. (I've seen a lot of "E" system drives in XP) Borrow a friend's XP CD if you think your's is corrupted. Use your key of course...the disk won't know the difference. If none of this works...hire a pro. Have them show you the system restore feature for next time a new driver or device screws everything up! Get back to work! Cheers, jc

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    Re: HELP!!!!!!!

    So, when everything appears to fail, check your memory sticks. They usually are responsible to multiple failures like that. I don´t know why, but memory sticks are the first thing to fail in every computer, but people often check it for last!
    So, before thinking that everything is doomed inside your computer just try to run it with less memory, try different sticks at a time and see what happens.

    Good Luck!

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    Re: HELP!!!!!!!

    Oh, and the temperature is very good, don´t worry about that. Most processors can take up to 80 degrees Celsius before permanent damage. Reasonable temperature is between 40 - 65.

    Good Luck!

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