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Topic: Paul Giagregorio Sonar tutorial

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    Paul Giagregorio Sonar tutorial

    Paul, I really appreciate your tutorial I learned a lot! You mentioned an additional 2 segments you are working on. I'm looking forward to them. Do you have a time frame? Again, Thank You

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    Re: Paul Giagregorio Sonar tutorial

    Hi EJ

    Thank you so much for your comment! You know, perhaps I will get to work on that. I've been pretty busy lately (cool beta testing job for cakewalk!!), trying to get work in a studio, still working on the video game which is nearly a YEAR behind schedule (thanks to a few untimely bankruptcies of a couple of publishing companies *sigh), oh yea, and I have a part time job so I can save up cuz I'm going back to school in January...

    Other than that, I've just finished buildng my new computer. With feedback like yours man, I really will get to work on those sections!

    I'm so glad it helped you!

    - Junkmonkey

    P.S. Yes, this is Paul!

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    Re: Paul Giagregorio Sonar tutorial

    I'm so glad you posted. I was beginning to worry about ya.

    Glad you're still working on that game dude. I can't wait to check that out when it sees the light of day. Good luck on all those projects!

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    Re: Paul Giagregorio Sonar tutorial


    Thanks man! I had just been quite busy lately. Finally upgraded my system I'll have 2gigs of ram soon - I got 1.5gb now and it's all the world of difference!

    I look forward to crashing these forums again Though I said that before and couldn't find the time *sigh

    - Junk3r

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