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Topic: GPO Templates

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    GPO Templates

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone here would like to share what instruments they use in a GPO Template. I'm trying to make various templates in Sonar and I can't quite figure out which, and how many instruments to put in them. I was wondering if anyone could share their sonar templates (or just a list of the typical instruments you use for various types of ensembles for non sonar users). Mainly what I'm looking for are Brass and Woodwind (for small and large ensembles, and sections in a full orchestra). Thansk in advance.

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    Re: GPO Templates

    Come on, I know some people here have gotta use some sort of template...

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    Re: GPO Templates

    Nope. I load my instruments based on need and the random instances of divine inspiration.

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    Post Re: GPO Templates

    I am *slowly* working on a template for Cubase SX 2, however I am trying to digest Danielle's tutorial well before going too far. From just putzing around I have found that GPO sounds very different in SX than it does from Overture. I am sure this has to do with having to duplicate the GPO Studio settings in Cubase. Hence, I am going to look at the Buelle (sp?) midi connector to see if I can simply use GPO Studio well from SX.

    Hmmm...that sounds confusing. Let me put it a bit more concisely:

    I have found duplicating the Studio sound is not as easy as it looks. Hence, I am looking to use a midi connector from SX to GPO Studio. Doing so will mean my templates will all be Studio based.

    What program are you wanting to set up templates for?

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    Re: GPO Templates

    I don't use GPO so maybe shouldn't be answering here .. but I do use sequenced samples a lot. My most recent work-in-progress has gotten to 110 tracks --- by steady growth, sometimes dividing a line by pitch alteration, sometimes by articulation, sometimes doubling, etc, etc. So a 'template', attractive as it might sound at first, would be a big waste of time. I admit, I've tried it before, but those templates always end up completely unused.

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    Re: GPO Templates

    Forgive me for not understanding, but the only reason I can see for using a template is if you're working on a lot of songs that all use the same instrumentation. I very rarely use the same instrumentation twice.


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    Re: GPO Templates

    I figured a lot of you would just add the instruments as you need them. The reason why I'm making templates is mainly to speed things up. A lot of times I'll have an idea (usually when I'm not sitting at my computer) and then when I go to try and do something with it, I'll end up spending 5 minutes setting stuff up and then by the time I'm ready I'll lose what I had. I'm pretty forgetful (i'm the type of person who will get someone's name, and then forget it in less than 5 minutes )

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    Re: GPO Templates

    Quote Originally Posted by tgfoo
    Hey, I was wondering if anyone here would like to share what instruments they use in a GPO Template. Thansk in advance.
    Tgfoo, heck yes it speeds things up alot! When I open a new project in Digital Performer and GPO, all my midi and audio channels are already set and ready to go, even reverb send levels, and all the plug-in effects and processing are already inserted and running where they would likely need to be.
    I select one of my own custom templates and create a new song/project I use GPO in V-Stack (special thanks to Trond) on a PC and pipe the sounds into Digital Performer on a Mac. I have a few templates. Of course each template shares the same list for both the PC and the Mac. If I know I am going to be working on a doozie I will load my biggest template called full orchestra. I also have a few small templates, like individual strings for building string sections, another for pipe organ, etc. I start the project with this template on the PC and "SAVE AS" the name of the project, this allows me to change any of the settings and not mess up the original template. Once I have decided what is not going to be used, I delete those sounds.
    This is my list of instruments that I place in V-Stack and Digital Performer
    for a typical project....

    Vlns 1 sus + short mutes
    Vlns 1 KS combo
    Violin 3 Guarn ens 1
    Vlns 2 sus + short
    Vlns 2 KS combo
    Violas sus + short
    Violas KS combo
    Cellos sus + short
    Cellos KS combo
    Cello 3 ens 3
    Basses sus + short
    Basses KS combo
    Flute ens 1
    Flute ens 2
    Flute ens 3
    Bb clarinet ens 1
    Bb clarinet ens 2
    Bassoon ens 1
    Bassoon ens 2
    English horn 2 solo
    Trumpet 1 ens 1
    Trumpet 2 ens 1
    Trumpet overlay
    French Horn 1 ens 2
    French Horn 2 ens 1
    French Horn 2 ens 3
    French Horn overlay F
    French Horn overlay FF
    Tenor Trombone ens 1
    Tenor Trombone ens 2
    Tenor Trombone ens 3
    Tenor Trombone overlay
    Tuba solo
    Tuba overlay
    Chromatic harp 1
    Glissando Harp 1
    Basic Perc combo
    Percussion toys
    Tubular bells


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    Re: GPO Templates

    For quick sketch purposes, I use my "Pocket Orchestra" GPO Studio template, which only takes one instance:

    Flute Solo Vib
    Oboe 1 Modern Solo
    Bb Clarinet Solo
    Bassoon 1 Solo
    Trumpet 1 Solo
    French Horn 1 Solo
    Violins 1 sus + short (or Lush if you prefer)
    Cellos Lush

    Use the ensemble instruments instead of solos if you want more voices in the winds and brass, and don't mind losing a tad of sound quality.

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