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Topic: PC Booting Problem

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    PC Booting Problem


    When I turn on my PC, I get the usual "Dos" like screen prompts as it tries to do its usual run thru before it automatically goes into the Windows XP logo etc. and then the desktop. But before the desktop opens, it resets as if it were manually restarted. After it cycles through this "Dos" bios setting screen a few times, and then failing to get to the desktop again, I ultimately get the screen which prompts me to choose between starting Windows normally or starting Windows with last my known working settings/configs. At that point I usually choose the latter and then it finally boots up correctly.

    I've run scan disk on all drives, defragged the system drive, still the same hiccup upon start up.

    Any suggestions? I sense a dark, horrible disaster is looming.

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    Re: PC Booting Problem

    You are right about the disaster. Be very careful and backup important data.
    Restarting is one of the worst signs you should expect under Windows XP, and it is associated to hardware problems in most cases.
    Did you install any program recently that is memory-resident? If so, uninstall it, I´ve seen programs that interact very badly with others and may cause such behavior on your system.
    Check your memory sticks, maybe one of them is not working properly. If it doesn´t solve the problem, I would reinstall Windows. It is likely that your operational system is corrupted or damaged.
    If nothing solves the problem, check every componet in your computer, like video cards, sound cards and hard disks. Just disconnect them one by one, and don´t forget to deactivate them first in your hardware settings!

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    Re: PC Booting Problem


    Yeah, I'll try all those things. The machine is 2 and 1/2 years old and has been pretty robust. It is a rack mounted PC placed in one of those "silent" racks so, even though I leave the door open unless doing critical mixing/recording, the heat in there must take its toll to the hardware.


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    Re: PC Booting Problem

    Have you updated any drivers recently? You may have a bad driver. If so, then you need to run the Recovery Console to disable it. Does the system do a memory dump at all?

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    Re: PC Booting Problem

    I'll check that, thanks. Nothing (new drivers, software) had been added before this started to occur. Just a pure Giga PC with no internet , other music apps etc.

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    Re: PC Booting Problem

    Try this. Start it up in "safe mode" by holding down F5 or F8 as the O/S starts up. Get to the System Restore function... Start>All Programs>Accesories>System Tools>System Restore. Follow the prompts...restore my computer to an earlier time. A calender will come up with dates that the system was backed up...the usable dates will be in bold script. Pick a date a week ago or so when the computer was working and tell the ocmputer to rebuild the system as it was on that date. Most of the time this will correct corrupted drivers which is probably the problem. If this doesn't work, start up in safe mode again and go to Control Panel>System>Hardware>Device Manager and see if any of the system drivers are corrupted (they'll have a yellow exclaimation mark next to their icon if there's a problem). If you find your problem there uninstall the offender, close out and reboot. You'll need to reinstall the driver, but it shouldn't hang up your boot up and you can deal with the problem from your normal desktop. Hope this helps. Cheers, jc

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    Re: PC Booting Problem

    Great, thanks!

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    Re: PC Booting Problem

    I've had a simular problem before on two sepparate PC's...each time it was a faulty power supply...Motherboards are very sensitive to voltage fluctuations, if the power supply is off by a little it can cause the system to reset during boot. I replaced the PS and then everything worked perfect.
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