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Topic: RME or Lynx?

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    RME or Lynx?

    Does anyone have experience with both? I am most concerned about fidelity.



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    Re: RME or Lynx?

    I have had no fidelity issues with RME. The only downside is they don't really support WDM or Direct Sound. If you just want GSIF or ASIO, you're fine.

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    Re: RME or Lynx?

    I have the Lynx L22 and it is, in a word, amazing. They support ASIO with their production driver set, and they support WDM and ASIO in a second release beta driver set. I'm using the beta drivers under XP with no ill effects. Get ready to lighten your pocketbook a little, though. The Lynx cards ain't cheap, but I think they're well worth the price.

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    Re: RME or Lynx?

    They're both great cards! RME has an outstanding track record with Giga. Engineers absolutley love Lynx! I would call Lynx (I think they're in San Juan Capistrano) directly and make sure they support GSIF. Last time I spoke with them (roughly 7 or 8 months ago...I think right around the last NAMM show in Anaham) they had not released those drivers. Cheers, jc

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