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Topic: standalone mod wheel?

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    standalone mod wheel?


    Does anybody know if there is a standalone mod wheel available? A friend of mine is thinking about getting gpo. He has a yamaha stage piano (p90), the problem it doesn't have a mod wheel. Alternatively has anybody found a work around to this problem, maybe a fairly cheap controller with mod pitch and knobs.

    I guess a standalone fader would do it. Anybody know of one?

    Thanks for any replies.

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    Re: standalone mod wheel?

    See this post. I like the M-Audio X Session...

    NS Post

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    Re: standalone mod wheel?

    I'm rather partial to the Kenton Control Freak line.
    Nice long throws on the sliders and built like tanks.

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    Re: standalone mod wheel?

    Hmm, the Freak looks cool...
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    Re: standalone mod wheel?

    Guys, what I´ve found to be incredible useful in exchange of a mod wheel is a Ribbon. And I´m not talking of a small ribbon of a size of a Triton or Kurzweil.
    I purchased the Doepfer MIDI-Ribbon-Controller R2M:

    Worth a look IMO.

    Holger von Baer

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