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Topic: Motu pci-424 and Giga

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    Question Motu pci-424 and Giga


    All my drivers for the 424 card are installed correctly and good to go .....but giga won't run. It gives me an error message "Motu Audiowire Stopped". Everything is setup correctly.....I'm puzzled. Anybody have a clue?

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    Re: Motu pci-424 and Giga

    I suspect the MOTU is "hung".

    First, power up/down the MOTU device to which the 424 is attached (I have the 2408mk3 with PCI-424). Then go into the "MOTU PCI Audio Console" and reload your settings.

    I have had that "stopped" message before with different applications.

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    Re: Motu pci-424 and Giga


    Thanks for the help......I'll give that a try....

    I'm using the 424 with the 2408 mk3. In the hardware menu for giga....under in's and outs... I see analog only. I'm running optical to pro-tools on a separate Mac system. Shouldn't I see adat ins and outs too?

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    Re: Motu pci-424 and Giga


    from your last post, it sounds like you also might need to check the settings in your 2408 "console"

    That's where the adat etc can be set

    Hope that helps.

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