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Topic: Bos 290 curiosity

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    Bos 290 curiosity

    Prompted by Brewick's post in the EW technical forum, I thought I'd kind of re-post the question here as I'm not having much luck trying to find the answer to this question elsewhere:

    The Bos 290 vsti sounds great with the (wet) pedal or sustain samples but the staccato is very dry. They don't appear to have the same hall sound which leads to the rather strange effect when playing, as if its two different instruments. I was wondering if I'd not set something properly or if this was due to a restriction in the kompakt host. At the moment I'm using it mainly dry with the Waves IR1, which works great, but I'd really like to take advantage of the hall sound.

    Any help would be much appreciated.
    Trev Parks

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    Re: Bos 290 curiosity

    Sorry I did not see the post before (I'm swamped by work here...).
    The Bos290 plug-in has a modwheel-controlled release sample layer. Most master keyboards leave the modulation wheel in a default position (0), some however need to be manually reset to 0. 0 is the maximum release layer volume setting for the patches (see ReadMe file).
    So, if you load a patch and reset the mod wheel to the lowest position (either in the plug-in screen or on the you master keyboard) you'll have the full release layer which makes the staccato " wet".
    Hope this solves your problem, feel free to ask if it does not...
    Best regards,
    Michiel Post

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    Re: Bos 290 curiosity

    Ah, ok, I get it!. Thanks a lot for your time. Glad to hear your swamped with work - hope its something exciting
    Trev Parks

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    Re: Bos 290 curiosity

    Thanks Michiel!

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