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Topic: GS3 Bösendorfer 290 released

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    GS3 Bösendorfer 290 released

    I am proud to announce the PMI Grandioso Bösendorfer 290 for GigaStudio 3 is now shipping!

    The 5 stars awarded Grandioso Bösendorfer 290 is now available for GigaStudio 3! 24 bit samples, real-time sustain pedal, increased dynamics, smoother velocity response and GigaPulse body resonance make this library your ultimate sampled piano!

    Listen to the new demo:Images Bos290 GS3 version

    We have a special time-limited introduction offer in our on-line store: $ 145 instead of $200. Visit www.postpiano.com for details.

    I will add an upgrade option in the on-line store later today, where registered users of the Bosendorfer 290 library (any format) can order their upgrade disk for a humble $50.

    On the GS3 DVD you will find two extra bonuses: the Limited Editions of the two GOLD BUNDLE pianos (EMPEROR and OLD LADY). The Limited Editions are 3 velocity layer Editions of the full version but are very playable as they are. They have 3 sampled layers pedal up, 3 pedal down and 1 release layer and don't use convolution.
    Best regards,
    Michiel Post

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    Re: GS3 Bösendorfer 290 released

    Hi Michiel!

    Sounds great! (the piano and the news!)

    Do you have a special crossgrade price for owners of the PMI Gold Bundle to GS3 version?



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