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Topic: New GS3 specific Libraries?

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    New GS3 specific Libraries?

    I'm curious as to what libraries are available or in the works that take advantage of the new features in GigaStudio 3. I know that gigapulse as well as extended polyphony may help old libraries, but I'm more interested in libraries that attempt to use gigapulse resonance, legato rules, etc. I'm aware so far of the new Post pianos as well as the 32 bit Bardstown Bos.

    The 32 bit feature does not excite me as much as the other possibilities. I'm more into tonally balanced sounds than super clean pristine ones. Not to mention that polyphony, memory and performance would be more important to me than 32 bits(I'm assuming one needs good speakers to even hear the 32 bit difference..I'm still waiting in agony for my copy of GS3). Also with gigapulse my guess is that mono samples might do very well for most instruments.

    I assume that some of the new libs under development are hush-hush, but it would be great to hear what has been announced or rumoured.


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    Re: New GS3 specific Libraries?

    I don't have any inside GS3 lib info, but for now I think that resonance and 24-bits are the main new features.

    The iMIDI (MIDI rules) isn't quite there yet. It works from some sources (my PC-88 controller - direct or through Sonar), but not from other (Sonar playback for me). Also, only one iMIDI rule set is allowed at a time, rather than the four expected.

    It's not too surprising. Tascam was under enormous pressure to ship - and I'm glad they did. Hopefully we'll get an iMIDI fix in a near-term update.

    I'll be looking forward to hearing your mock-ups with the new features and new libs when they come together for you.


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    Re: New GS3 specific Libraries?

    Hi Duncan, well I for one am just finishing the 24 bit Ultimate Yamaha C7 Grand Piano Library for GS3. A total redo, because of the fact you can have far many more dimensions than the previous Giga, there are now 32 velocities instead of 16 which greatly enhances transition velocities.

    We've also added pedal noises via the new midi rules and will be going back to the studio next week to record body resonance impulses from the original piano used in the library, it's all very exciting even using the impulses from the Gigapiano 2 that comes with GS3 to emulate body resonance the result is very good you really get the sense this is really a giant step forward for sample libraries.

    P.S. the library is available for preorder at $140.00 (a steal ) and owners of the library in any other format can upgrade for only $45.95.


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