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Topic: Games and Sound Libraries Info

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    Games and Sound Libraries Info

    Please post if you know about any games that use certain sound libraries :

    -Zone of the Enders- (Ps2) : I just saw the credits and it has Percussive Adventures ( East West ) listed as one of the sound sources .

    -Warcraft III- (Pc) : I am quite sure it uses instruments from the Rare Instruments library ( Quantum Leap - Nick Phoenix ) like the Erhu Bends.

    -Star Wars-Knights of the Old Republic : Garritan Libraries.
    -The Sum Of All Fears- : Garritan Libraries
    -Sniper- : Garritan Libraries
    -Warcraft III- : Garritan Libraries ( source of these four games from the Garritan.com website )

    Can't find anything else right now. I will update this as much as possible.

    Maybe the developers themselves could supply some info ? That would be great

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    Re: Games and Sound Libraries Info

    Well people on the boards could name the games thay have done - But I doubt you would get a simple answer like just "garritan". I think most people use loads of liberaries

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    Re: Games and Sound Libraries Info

    It maybe a mistake , but I think I saw VSL credited in "Onimusha 3"
    Also heard Percussive Adventures in 'Devil May Cry' and also other games
    but forgot the title .

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    Re: Games and Sound Libraries Info

    Most games are going to feature loads of libs really. Every pro composer will have most of the "usual suspects". I did hear some QLRI Duduk in the Warcraft III soundtrack yesterday.

    Freelancer has lots of DR 2.

    Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow has a lot of Bizarre Guitars and Metamorphosis from memory.

    After a while, you can recognise the libs you own in movies, commercials, games etc.

    BTW, Star Wars-Knights of the Old Republic was Jeremy Soule wasnt it? He has an extensive custom lib in addition to GOS.
    - SCA - Sound Studios -

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    Re: Games and Sound Libraries Info

    I could be wrong, but i thought i recognized Diva voices in Deus Ex 2 soundtrack.

    Scott, do you know more about Jeremy Soule's libraries? His scores are awesome!

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    Lightbulb Re: Games and Sound Libraries Info

    I think Marcussen has it right. Most do use multiple libs. Some game composers us orchestras, while some, like Bill Brown (http://www.billbrownmusic.com/ ) use a combination of real orchestra and sample based instruments. My own Frankenstein sample based instrument Orchestra and 175+ track template (and growing) is made up of over seventeen different libs (more if you count multi libs from one company). Jeremy Soule uses about 25 networked computers, so ya gotta figure he is using more than one lib. All the composers I respect and admire who use sample based instruments use multiple libs and do a lot of layering.
    Doyle W. Donehoo, Composer
    Radar Music

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    Re: Games and Sound Libraries Info

    Quote Originally Posted by Gieve
    Scott, do you know more about Jeremy Soule's libraries? His scores are awesome!
    Hi Gieve, well he definetely uses GOS. In fact Gary interviewed him here on NS a few years ago;http://www.northernsounds.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=6;t=000006

    Also try doing a search on "Jeremy Soule interview" and you should find lots of stuff. Here's one in particular; http://archive.gamespy.com/legacy/in.../jeremy_a.shtm

    I think from memory, that Jeremy's brother is an engineer and that they brought lots of players in and recorded them to create some custom samples.

    Also, the title track Jeremy did to Morrowind features QLRI too. I can hear the Taiko thunder patch and the Duduks. QLRI seems to be very popular for games. I guess cause it so easily evokes mysticism or ethnicity.

    I just finished the score for a WWII game that needed to reflect music from Japan, China, Russia, America and Germany. I used QLRI extensively for it too.
    - SCA - Sound Studios -

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