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Topic: upgrading gos lite to gos full+GS3

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    Question upgrading gos lite to gos full+GS3

    Hello everyone.I have been using gos lite for a quite some time now and i am planning to upgrade.I am also going to upgrade to gs3 pretty soon.Is there anyone out there using GOS+GS3?How does it work,any issues?What about the maestro tools?I am running a single machine setup with cubase sx 2.02 delta 1010 xp pro.Many thanks in advance.Markku Kanerva.

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    Re: upgrading gos lite to gos full+GS3

    Well, I've been using GOS+GS3 for a big fat 3 days but it seems stable. I'm running two pc's- one with GS3 and the other with Sonar. And Maestro Tools works just fine as well. You just assign it to an unused port in GS3. Playing with GOS and the other sample libraries is the most fun I've had in YEARS. Literally.

    The only GS3 issue I've had is a thing where when you first run it you have to do a hardware reset or nothing comes out. Other than that it hasn't crashed once. *fingers crossed*

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    Re: upgrading gos lite to gos full+GS3

    thanks for your replay.

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    Re: upgrading gos lite to gos full+GS3

    GOS + GS3 works fine for me. One thing GS3 offers that might be valuable is pattern-based articulations -- I haven't really taken the time to program anything this way, but one might then get the mixed articulations that are so common in string writing -- bow-slur-ur, bow-slur-ur, bow bow bow. Or depending on your music, bow wow oww.

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