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Topic: Dissonance and Ambience - How to

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    Lightbulb Dissonance and Ambience - How to

    I have seen many threads with people asking how to make Dissonance so i decided to make this .

    This small tutorial uses Convolution from Cool Edit Pro ( Now known as Adobe Audition ) in order to make Dissonance and strange Ambient sounds.
    The results are great, the experimentation potential unlimited and the "Right Recipe" is still beeing explored so any suggestions are welcome .


    Step One : Open ANY of your .wav compositions with Cool Edit Pro

    Step Two : Find an interesting portion of audio -with percussions or not- and select it ( about 6 seconds max selection )

    * Here is where all the experimentation starts . I have found after lots of tries that the best sound is produced by Stretch-Pitching your selection 5 Semitones Down, the results are really good. You can even make new songs out of existing ones since the harmonies produced after , are almost naturally harmonic .

    Step Three : So , as the picture suggests , pitch your Selection 5 semitones down.

    Step Four : Make a new selection -out of the already repitched portion of audio- . Note that your new selection cannot be over 5 seconds at any occasion . Chose about 00:04:90 or less and press CTRL+C to copy it into the clipboard.

    Step Five : Open the "Digital Convolution" dialogue ( Photo ) . Press the -clear- button first of all. Make the convolution settings as the picture suggests if you wish.

    Now the "Add Sel>>" button should be usable. Press the "Ad Sel" button to add your Clipboard -5 selection as a convolution file . Press CLOSE -for now- .

    Step Six : Press CTRL+Z ( UNDO ) on the main song until the file reaches its initial form .

    Step Seven : Open the "Digital Convolution" window again and press OK !

    Let me know what result you got !

    This is a Mp3 with two of the results i got . First is Orchestral Soundscapes and second half is Space Ambience

    Download Dissonance Mp3

    ( last song on the list )

    Trouble Shooting :

    1) If you cannot use the "Add Sel>>" button in the Convolution window, that means that your selection is too big .Try using a smaller one .

    2) If the output dissonance file is too low in volume. Press undo , go to the convolution window and make the "Global Settings- Volume" value MUCH higher . Which usually means adding a 0 or two .

    3) In many occasions you might need to Remove some Bass with the EQ or else the sound is too muddy.

    4) If the output is too low, it's better to undo and do the convolution with higher volume levels instead of Normalizing . With normalize you will get too much hissing.

    That's all for now folks -> Enjoy your Home-Made dissonance and soundscapes

    Any questions or comments are very welcome .
    Theo Krueger - Composer


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    Re: Dissonance and Ambience - How to

    I like your experiments. Especially the ending of your sound file.

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    Re: Dissonance and Ambience - How to

    You might be interested in checking out www.spiritcanyonaudio.com for tools in doing what you're working on.


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    Re: Dissonance and Ambience - How to

    Glad you like them Mathis !

    Thanks for that link Jerry ; It's in my favs now and waiting for it's turn
    Theo Krueger - Composer


    Kontakt 2 Scripts

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    Re: Dissonance and Ambience - How to

    Very interesting post. Before I learned about sound samples, I was doing everything with an entry-level arr keyboard, and trying various ways of improving the sonic output with AA 1.0.

    I'll give this a spin and let you know how it worked out in the next 2-3 days.

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