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Topic: Second song comments plz :)

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    Second song comments plz :)


    I have written another song (which i hope is better then my first ;p) well not same kind at all.. its more dark for sure. I know my dynamic is not really good I dont even know how to change the tempo in a song yet ! (still no keyboard ;() so wrote in note in Sebelius. The song is not finish but I wanted impression. Its for game also and I have no structure or anything since I do my song by earring and know no 'rules' really. I will surely need to rearrange a lot of part I started that 4 days ago. Thanks for listening.

    my first song was


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    Re: Second song comments plz :)

    Hey Saldor,

    After listening to this twice, I must commend you on your orchestration. I like your choices of instruments and the way you build your driving rhythms by adding more instruments and then suddenly going back to the arpeggiated violins and then repeating that process over, varying the music each time with different instruments. textures and melodies.

    This piece definitely needs some polish, as it is a notation playback. You might look at some of the ways other Sibelius users have been able to add the human touch to their scores for more realistic playback. One of the more important aspects missing from this music as it is is the use of the legato tool (I know you don't have a keyboard yet, but you can add the legato indications in the score and it will also help smooth some of the moving lines better).

    You did this in Sibelius, could you provide us with a score to follow along with? (as a pdf file - Adobe Acrobat). This will aide us in being able to analyze the more structural elements of your score. But as this is for a game, that might not be wholly possible.

    Thanks for sharing!

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    Re: Second song comments plz :)

    There's some really good stuff here. I noticed some minor chord problems, but other than that the composition is sound. The piece could use some dynamic shaping, but I understand that that isn't the easiest process in the world using some notation programs. I want to say that there's some really nice progression going on in this song. I really like the end, but there's a little too much repetition at the beginning. I can't wait to hear it when you are finished.

    These are only my opinions, though, so take them like everyone else does, as a grain of sand in a high wind.

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    Re: Second song comments plz :)

    Hi Saldor,

    Your composition is nice but also very straight. I don´t refer this aspect to the tempo. But the the rythm and the starting times of the instruments. You very often start a new instrument or a group on the first beat of the bar. Try to vary this and your song will be become more alive. The same you can reflect to the percussion starting at around 19 seconds. The percussionist is totally straight. Maybe you can give some breaks or fills .... I gues, you understand what I mean.


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