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Topic: MOL CP or Original Probs

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    MOL CP or Original Probs

    Hey guys, I've had MOL running on 2 PC's each of these Pc's have had Xp SP2 installed and worked great with Logic 5.5 on one, GS 2.54 on the other!!!
    But when I added in GS3 to the equasion something isn't playing nice!!
    I can add in GS system setup, up to 8 MOL ports with no problem, but the dreaded grey activity midi meters won't turn green... I can't get midi activity to show up at all from the Lan card....
    So I downloaded uninstalled MOL and installed MOL CP just to see if it was that and it too doesn't work...
    Just curious if you guys run SP2, MOL original or CP with GS3...
    I know I'm into a new computer eventually, but figure it should at least run on my P3 1 giger with 512 ram!!! I'm holding out till GS3 can handle more then 2gigs of ram properly before I sink $$$ into another system!!
    Thanks for any advise.

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    Re: MOL CP or Original Probs

    Can you tranfer files between the two PCs?

    I assume the MIDI port drivers are showing up in the pull down menu on the set up page? Sorry they are - just re-read your message

    I'm not totally clued up on the subject, but I think you'll find it'll be a prob with the LAN settings rather than the MOL settings - but check those first cause they're easier to deal with, then work backwards.

    Sympathies from me - I hate cr!ppy mysteries like that

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    Re: MOL CP or Original Probs

    Thanks man, ya I can transfer files no problem... I've tried to install MOL after GS3.. Then Gs3 after MOL... Either way Mol doesn't come through.. No midi activity at all... Again it seems to be GS3 related cause with all of Win SP2 updates GS2.54 worked great with MOL+... I just re-installed a midisport 8x8 I had laying around since purchasing MOL+ and it's working fine dispite the latency issues running through 2 midi interfaces...
    Hopefully someone will chime in that has MOL+ or MOL CP working with GS3 with XP SP2??? I never had to manually assign ip's before, but if I do I guess that's the next plan of attack...

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    Re: MOL CP or Original Probs

    GS3 has been working fine here and I'm running MOL CP from a Mac G5 to 4 PCs, all running XP SP2. I do have the Windows firewall in SP2 turned off and use ZoneAlarm instead, having my whole network set up inside a trusted zone of IP addresses. Every once in a while I have to reset the configuration of MOL due to DHCP IP addresses changing. I will change to static IPs if I get tired of doing that.

    If you want me to check any of my settings and post them, let me know.

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    Re: MOL CP or Original Probs

    I've had MOL running on 3 PCS, Cubase/Nuendo/Sonar, VStack and GS for about nine months (what a great program!). When I did the upgrade to GS3 I just changed the number of midi ports on that machine and motored on.
    I have had SP2 screw up a couple of Giga machines I had finished building and totally tweaked out...I'm not using it because I don't think there's that much there unless you're going net surfing with your music gear...not a great idea with all the BS out there. Cheers, jc

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    Re: MOL CP or Original Probs


    Not sure if this is a GS3 or MOL problem. I do know that MusicLabs says MOL CP does not support SP2 though they are planning to come up with a fix. I'm running MOL CP with GS3 and XP SP2 and had identicle problems as you (inactive ports and no Midi getting to GS3). I don't have my installation procedure with me, which got rid of the greyed-out ports, though I believe it was to install MOL CP after GS3.

    When I got rid of the inactive ports problem I found Midi wasn't getting from MOL CP, on the GS machine, to GS3 but was getting to the GS PC (monitor Local Are Connection bytes received). The solution for this is to as follows: Either before or after you launch GS3 (I don't think it makes a difference), open the MOL CP command window (on the GS PC) and toggle one of the check boxes, hit Apply, then set it back. Midi will not flow to GS3. This words evey time for me.

    Do you still have the inactive ports?
    Craig Duke

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