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Topic: 2408 GsifV2??

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    2408 GsifV2??

    Hey guys...
    I noticed that MOTU had an updated V3.64 driver for all their 323 and 424 PCI cards... So I downloaded and installed them... The setup goes fine as did all previous versions.... Once installed I have the option to enable Audio in on the hardware page in GS3... Weather it's enabled or not the audio for windows and GS 3 sound like an aweful flanging sound... I disabled audio in, I've tried to only install the GSIF drivers which I can't and eventually went back to the previous version which doesn't support GS V2 drivers...
    By the way without the GSIF driver installed on my identical non-GS machine, the latest V3.64 drivers sound great, with a lower latency setting as well!
    At this point it's not a pressing reason to have the V2 drivers, but has anyone had any luck getting MOTU V3.64 drivers to work with GS3???
    Thanks for any advise

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    Re: 2408 GsifV2??

    I haven't installed them yet, but I will post my results when I do.

    From the release notes, this update has nothing to do with GSIF. I sent an email to MOTU awhile back requesting they add GSIF-2 support, and there response was "we will consider it".

    Perhaps if enough people request GSIF-2 support, MOTU will do it.

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    Re: 2408 GsifV2??

    I installed the new MOTU driver for the PSI-324 last night to drive the 2408 and 24i. I loaded the Tascam MegaPiano and one instance of GigaPulse. This machine has other music software on it, so I loaded the ASIO driver as well. Everything sounds great to me and it installed without any problems. No latency was perceived.

    I followed the instructions for updating the driver:

    I went into 'Add/remove Programs' in XP and removed the 324 driver. Double-clicked on the new driver's Setup.exe and installed the driver.
    Rebooted the machine and went into Device Manager, but going into Device Manager wasn't necessary. The driver installation had already completed.

    The last time that I had some type of flanging problem was due to the fact that my keyboard's midi was still in 'Local' mode and that was many years ago.

    Best of luck,


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    Re: 2408 GsifV2??

    Ya I sent an email as well..
    This version definatly has V2 drivers as it offers audio in in gigastudio..
    Thanks though...
    Maybe I'll go through in install again..
    I had no problems installing the update, something is weird though...
    Even without midi installed, the virtual keyboard in giga sounds all flanged as does all windows boot up etc and anything from mediaplayer.
    Thanks anyways...
    It's not like I'm down or anything, just trying to get everything possible to work with.. Like gigapulse on my guitar tracks... Oh ya baby!!!

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