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Topic: Problem with GPO libs on separate hard drive

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    Problem with GPO libs on separate hard drive

    Hey, folks.

    Installed GPO today (very cool), and following conventional wisdom about samplers, I chose to put the sound libs on a separate hard drive (E) from the application (C). I've been able to load individual instruments and play some samples via the virtual keyboard in Kontakt, but ran into a snag when trying to load gpo files in GPO Studio. The app defaults to looking for the samples on the app installation path. For most of the samples, I get prompted with a dialog looking for the wav, e.g.:

    C:\Program Files\Garritan Personal Orchestra\GPO Library\<GPO_Library_part2.nks>\Piccolo NV Solo Samples\PiccoloNVD5.wav

    There's an option on the dialog to search and find them, but given the amount of audio files I have on that drive it was a pretty long process to initially search and locate each of the samples for Full Orchestra.gpo.

    Is there something I can tweak (registry entry, etc.) that will show GPO Studio that the sound libs are located in a different place than the default installation location of the c:\program files\etc. ? I'd rather avoid this process for each of the other gpo files if possible.



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    Re: Problem with GPO libs on separate hard drive

    Quote Originally Posted by Christopher Duncan
    Is there something I can tweak
    You can try this, but with no guarantees:

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Native Instruments\Garritan Personal Orchestra:

    Find "ContentDir" and change the drive to "E".

    I did this on my old DAW where GPO was on C, but there was not enough room for the samples, so I moved them to another drive...don't know if it will affect the behavior of Studio, though.

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    Re: Problem with GPO libs on separate hard drive

    Hi Chris,

    This is a known issue, take a look at the following thread:


    Hope this helps,


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    Re: Problem with GPO libs on separate hard drive

    Billp, Galvedro -

    Thanks for the help, guys. If it's a Kontakt issue, I guess I'll just spin through all the templates, let it find the samples, and save them once. Since it's a one time through thing, that ain't too bad as a workaround.

    Of course, my greatest concern at this point is that once I get the system tweaked, I'll get caught up in playing with GPO and will forget to eat and sleep. If I'm not back in a week, send in a search party!


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