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Topic: Pachelbel's Canon - from Danielle

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    Thumbs up Pachelbel's Canon - from Danielle

    A short while ago I invited people to do their rendition of Pachelbel's Canon.


    Danielle rose to the task after an unexpected bout with three hurricanes.

    Danielle's arrangement is a pure string rendition using mostly solo strings (ensemble building). Danielle used 9 solo violins, viola pizz, harp, 4 solo cellos, and bass section pizz are the rest

    The Canon in D was written by Johann Pachelbel around 1680 (nearly 325 years old!).

    Although a very simple composition, Pachelbel's Canon is difficult to mock-up because it is so familiar and there are so many interpretations of it. You hear it played at nearly every wedding. It was the theme song of the film "Ordinary People" and was used in 'Father of the Bride' and other movies. You hear it played in many TV ads and even in a Coolio rap song. It's everywhere.

    Comments and suggestions are welcome.

    I feel that Danielle did an extraordinary job. Thanks Danielle for doing this and sharing it with us.


    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Pachelbel's Canon - from Danielle

    After my headaches and tantrums today with working on the christmas tune I chose this makes me feel like a complete and utter novice (which I am ) Danielle this is absolutely breathtaking. I wish I had just a tenth of the talent you do.

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    Re: Pachelbel's Canon - from Danielle

    What reverb are you using, Danielle? It sounds really good.

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    Re: Pachelbel's Canon - from Danielle

    Outstanding!! The ensemble approach really gives a nice result.

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    Re: Pachelbel's Canon - from Danielle

    Both interesting and lovely. Certainly original. Like Gary said, the piece is everywhere, and I've never heard a version like this before. Almost makes me think of the "wall of sound" approach applied to the classics. I liked it a lot.

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    Simply beautiful! Danielle really masters the ensemble strings.

    The long crescendo works very well. I would personnally have prefered a more formal ending instead of a fade out, but that's only an orchestration novice own taste.

    Congratulations Danielle.
    Pierre Laroche

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    Re: Pachelbel's Canon - from Danielle


    This is absolutely amazing. Very breathtaking. I just can't say enough about how real this sounds. Very very very very very good!


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    Re: Pachelbel's Canon - from Danielle

    oohhhh........ goosebumbs, goosebumbs

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    Re: Pachelbel's Canon - from Danielle

    Wonderful! Enough said.

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    Re: Pachelbel's Canon - from Danielle

    Brilliant, or may I call you Danielle?

    The hurricanes did the trick! They jerked you back from the experimental desert wastelands back to the cosy, small town world of real music that simple folk like me understand (Are you listening Tom?) This is just right....it hit me square in the heart....another couple of feet, more clever, and it would have gone straight over my head!! Just as it would have with Tom's cousin!

    It's interesting to note that this piece is 325 years old. It was enjoyed when it was introduced, at all times between and it still gives pleasure. It's not what it's all about BUT it's what it is mostly about...isn't it?

    Actually this is also kind of experimental as it's an inventive interpretation I haven't heard before, (so you're keeping the doubting Toms of the world happy too) and it's very beautiful to boot. A very surreal and modern interpretation I would say....very enjoyable....very interesting.....

    I'm not sure it would be any better at all but I would like to hear it with the reverb set to 9 instead of 11. Maybe I can experiment myself when you post the MIDI file.

    I'm glad you got through the hurricanes Danielle.... that's c**p we can all do without.



    PS: I notice, especially at the beginning, that you do what I like to do and that is to vary the volume of the note within the note....that's got to be the way for realism. I can't wait to get my GPO going.....it's getting close...I can feel it......but should I do the Banjo version of this first....what do you think?

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