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Topic: Name that sound

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    Name that sound

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    Could someone identify this sound: It basically sounds like some sticks hitting each other or maybe the edge of something. An example is in the Signs soundtrack, track 12 right at the beginning. It's relatively common in other scores but I never did find out what it was.

    Come to think of it, here's another one: It's the long descending tone heard a lot in the Poltergeist soundtrack. My guess was maybe some muted string instrument, maybe cello, bowed in a special way, though I'm not very sure.

    OK, now this is the last one: It's in the Close Encounters soundtrack and it sounds like a buzz, like maybe the buzz through some woodwind or brass mouthpiece. It's at the beginning of one of the action cues near the beginning of the soundtrack.

    Anthony Lombardi, composer

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    Re: Name that sound

    Yeah, actually some 20th century composer have that stuff in the score. Not quite sure how musical it is though! I guess it's ok for some really weird otherworldy mood.
    Anthony Lombardi, composer

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