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Topic: Looking for Strings like this

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    Looking for Strings like this

    I am looking for string samples that sound close to this http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/cl...283380-1136912 (Track 14. Souls of the Women Rest for a Moment, And Thereafter...)

    Are there any sample strings (or combinations) that can sound remotely close to this? I've listened to various demos but have not heard anything like these. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.

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    Re: Looking for Strings like this

    It´s a bit hard to hear the music through this low bitrate but as far as I could hear anything it sounds more like a string quartet or quintet. Definitely not the large string sections.

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    Re: Looking for Strings like this

    Definatley Chamber size .The Tone is a bit like QLSO Strings but Horizon Chamber strings is about the right size and will have the slides (porta.). Kirk Hunter might also have that tone...or wait for the QLSO Pro update for chamber size and tone..Rich

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    Re: Looking for Strings like this

    Yeah it is hard to hear, but that's the only file format demo I have found. I thought it sounded like a small string section, but I wasn't sure if it was a quartet or chamber.

    So it's definitely chamber not quartet or ...?

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    Re: Looking for Strings like this

    Definitely not quartet, but could be as small as 2,2,1,1 but sounds more like 4,2,2,1. The nearest sounding thing I've got is my own 2Vn lib! The nearest commercial thing is VSL chamber strings (6Vn) but it's really too big and you don't get the vibrato detail. You might get closer by playing different sustain articulations of VSL solo strings seperately on different tracks to produce the small sections.

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    Re: Looking for Strings like this

    Thanks for the help everyone. While I'm asking I have some other examples, if I may.

    Actually I have other examples that might be helpful for the kind of string (or even full orchestra) size/style I'm looking for

    Track Sample 04

    Track Sample 01

    Thanks again.

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