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Topic: Who to email @Tascam re GSIF-2 Drivers?

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    Who to email @Tascam re GSIF-2 Drivers?


    I run a multi-PC setup based around Soundscape Mixtreme soundcards. These have alway been fantastic for me, running Gigastudio up to version 2.5.

    I recently emailed Sydec (makers of Soundscape gear) to ask if they would be writing GSIF-2 compatible drivers for the Mixtreme card. Here is their reply:
    As far as we had understood Giga 3 would also work with the old driver. We have just received a message from another user in Germany, who tells us it doesn't work ...

    We have contacted TASCAM already quite some time ago to ask for the specification of the new driver plus a NFR sample of the software for testing, so we could support it. So far we have not even received an answer. We will send a reminder today.

    If you can send a email to them, saying that you would love Soundscape to support their new driver, maybe it would help. We have asked the German user to do the same.
    Sorry but this is terrible. To bring out a piece of software that needs drivers specifically written for it, and then to not even answer manufacturers' communications when they tell you they WANT to write the necessary drivers: Do Tascam actually want to sell this thing, or not?

    Anyway, rant over. I know some of you have contacted Tascam regarding bug reports and other things. I went to the main website but the best I could find was a general email "custser@teac.com". Forgive me but I don't feel overly confident that emails sent there are actually going to end up being read by the necessary people.

    So can anyone tell me exactly who/where I should contact to get them on the case about this? All they have to do is send the spec to Sydec, and Sydec will do the rest.


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    Re: Who to email @Tascam re GSIF-2 Drivers?

    I just reported this for you, so it got to the right ears.

    By the way, Mixtreme SHOULD work with the GSIF-1 driver and GS-2. It will only be missing the audio thru features, and kernel-MIDI if they choose to implement that. But functionally, other than the live audio-thru, there should be no difference. You should still be able to use GS-3.

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    Re: Who to email @Tascam re GSIF-2 Drivers?

    Thanks Bruce,

    I do realize that about working with GSIF-1. It's just for my purposes, moving stuff between machines, the audio input will be important (eg, sending tracks from one instance of Giga to another to join them under one Gigapulse, as per my other thread).

    Thanks for emailing your contact. I'd still be grateful however, if you or anyone can give me an address to contact myself. The Sydec man said something to the effect that, the more Soundscape users let Tascam know they want it, the more likely Tascam are to take notice.

    I don't want to spam any poor individual there - just to know how I can at least know something is getting through to the department as a whole that deals with Giga.

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