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Topic: GPO/Overture Brainstorm

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    Talking GPO/Overture Brainstorm

    This is just brainstorming some wild ideas...take them (or or leave them) as you will.

    How about a cut down GPO/Overture combo that would be free/cheap for educators/students? A cut down version that would, say, only playback piano and that would only notate piano? (Gary/Don could modify as they deem fit). The benefits: You would expand your consumer base, you would start your consumer awareness earlier, you would get more general audience people interested.

    Two other benefits: I think something like this could be a PC version of Apple 'Garage Band'...not in its functionality, per se, but rather as a PC 'basic program'...a program that would come loaded with the computer! Imagine selling this cut down version to, say, HP/Dell? To put in every computer they sell? I think your program has evolved to the point where general population interest is possible. And the benefits could be astounding! (Can you say: 'upgrades'?)

    Finally, you could market this (or something like this) to a handicapped audience...there's a segment of the population that would benefit from 'music therapy' and I think (a potentially simplified) version of your program could address that benefit. You might even be able to get an ad agency as a 'pro bono' (free) partner!

    Feel free to disagree...brainstorm further...jump up and down, close your eyes and say: Please let Geniesoft/GPO florish and grow!

    Thanks for your interest!

    (PS: I already posted this on the Geniesoft Forums and it looks like Don's on the same page, to one degree or another!)

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    Re: GPO/Overture Brainstorm

    I think Gary had educators and students in mind with the original version of GPO. Of course it has blossomed into another beast entirely as it has spoken to users of a much broader base. Anyway, I think this is a spendid idea. If there we are way to make some small profit as well as getting your product name out there to potential future customers, then I don't see a downside. Is this doable? I don't know, but it would be a great marketing scheme.

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    Talking Re: GPO/Overture Brainstorm

    Thanks for the feedback...always appreciated.

    Have a good one!

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