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Topic: Demos page

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    Demos page

    I finally had a few minutes to browse the demos on Gary's site. What a wonderful body of work. It's inspiring to see how well GPO holds up in a such a wide variety of styles. I was also impressed by some of your creative solutions, such as "faking" celtic pipes (in a rather convincing manner) and other such instruments. And, frankly, I enjoyed a lot of your original compositions just for the pure fun of listening to them, regardless of how they were produced.

    I'm in the final stages of tweaking my system - new box, several new pieces of software, you know the drill. Once that's done, I can't wait to fire up GPO and get a few ideas out of my head and onto the hard disk. Their parties are keeping me up at night...

    Really nice work, folks - thanks for sharing it.


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    I agree wholeheartedly. This group is amazing. It is so wonderful to hear the music this community continually creates.

    Gary Garritan

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