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Topic: Should I be a glutton for punishment or not?

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    Should I be a glutton for punishment or not?

    Well, I think I've found the reason for my ongoing stability issues since my Giga install and subsequent uninstall.

    In my mad rush to make sure all my drivers were updated, I also downloaded the newest chipset driver for my Gigabyte MOBO. Looks like this is the culprit. I've rolled all the way back to the driver that came on the CD and it seems to have improved stability thus far. Guess Tascam isn't the only company with poor quality control.

    Anyway, I'm thinking about giving Giga another shot since I've found this problem. I was still having issues with Giga before installing the INF driver, but it wasn't nearly as bad as after I installed those drivers.

    So should I give it another go? I've always had an adventurous spirit.

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    Re: Should I be a glutton for punishment or not?

    Go for it!!!

    After having GS3 running for a while, I get the "feeling" that most of the bugs relate to the "new" functionality (like GigaPulse). I have not yet had any trouble whatsover simply playing GS2.5 libraries.

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