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Topic: Number of sample in buffer

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    samples in buffer per 1GB

    I've read a few threads on GS3's utilisation of memory - 60 or 70% max

    so in theory 2 GB is better than 1 GB (but then I've heard of some poor sole who has 4 Gb and is loading less than some with just 1GB)

    But how many samples is this?

    How many samples can one load with 1GB of RAM?
    (note: stereo will use 2 the amount of buffer than mono)

    400+ notes poly is nice, but not much use to me if I can't get much more samples in than with my current 2.5 (x2) set up

    A VSL sample library could cause some probs

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    Re: Number of sample in buffer

    It's exactly what I would like to know, I'm only a musician and I owned G.2 several years ago, but what's the truth :
    How many samples (with such instruments like VSL, SAM etc...) can we load and what's the polyphony we can expect?
    I've 2 Gb memory with 2 hard drives and 3.2 Ghz cpu and with G2.54 when more than 10 instruments are playing I experience some stolen polyphony.
    Is it worth to upgrade to G3 or is Tascam lying when it tells that the limitation is only the computer?
    It's very confusing and we spend a lot of time with the hardware instead of composing. If anybody has already tested the soft with a massive orchestration it would be very appreciated he let us know his result.

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    Re: Number of sample in buffer

    Sicmu, in regards to polyphony count... the upgrade is surely worth it- in my opinion. I too work with a P4 3.2, 2 GB RAM and have achieved over 2.5X more polyphony with GS3 than I did with 2.54.

    I can't comment on possible memory limitations with sample loading- as I haven't run into this problem yet and have not tested just to see how much I can load on my machine... however, I have been scoring for small chamber ensembles up to standard symphony orchestra in some mock-ups I've done since receiving GS3 (copying scores to get the hang of GS3 before putting some of mine into it) and have had no problems with loading a complete orchestra's worth of samples.

    For what it's worth...
    Jason DeWater aka Lickety-Split
    Very busy, yet always unproductive.
    Some of my music is here:

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    Re: Number of sample in buffer

    i was able to load about 13xx mb into msg.exe (this is something like the main gigastudio behind the scenes or so).
    this was on an ideal configured pc though. everything not needed for gs was dissabled incl. network.
    Digital AudionetworX

    mac - pc - gigastudio
    berlin - germany

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    Re: Number of sample in buffer

    A fiend of mine told me that with 1Gb memory he was able to load 35 patches (VSL, DD, Sam) for a a max of 98% memory : it's impossible to make serious orchestration using a so few channels on one single computer unless we use older and less demanding libraries(but I was able to do that whit G.2 already).

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    Re: Number of sample in buffer

    PLEASE, can we get back to the subject?

    Memory limitations and poly count are subjects talked about many times and there are still on-going discussions about this.

    Don't get me wrong they're all very interesting to me, it's just answers to my original question will be beneficial to us all.

    For some reason I remember 200Kb per sample - ring any bells?

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    Re: Number of sample in buffer

    I don't get you Darfwader, my reply above was related to your first question, am I wrong ?

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    Re: Number of sample in buffer

    Quote Originally Posted by Sicmu
    I don't get you Darfwader, my reply above was related to your first question, am I wrong ?
    Sorry, it is related. In fact both your replies are. Didn't mean to sound quite so aggressive.

    However, 35 gigs doesn't tell us how many samples are loaded. GS loads a small amount (fixed, not percentage) of each sample, not gig file.

    Anyway - aside from polycounts and RAM Vs Available RAM...

    Number of sample per 1GB or RAM?

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    Re: Number of sample in buffer

    Quote Originally Posted by DarfWader
    Number of sample per 1GB or RAM?
    1GB RAM/64K bytes buffered per sample = 15625 samples
    Divide by 2 for stereo and you get about 7800 samples per GB of allocated RAM. The maximum number of instrument that can be loaded will, of course, depending upon how many samples the instrument contains.
    I have GS3 loaded on a 1GB system. Msg32 maxes out at about 760 MB without Registry tweaks. So, I can load almost 6000 stereo samples. Hope this helps.
    Craig Duke

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