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Topic: Audio from 2nd computer?

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    Audio from 2nd computer?

    I have one computer (mac dual 2gig) running SX3 and a 2nd computer running gigastudio 3.

    the audio that comes back from the GS3 machine via ADAT is behind the beat when recorded into SX3.

    How do I compensate for this in cubase? Can I compenate for it?

    Is there a way to make cubase start recording a "little late" so that the audio coming in via ADAT is recorded "in time" with the cubase project.

    Or do i have to manually move the audio tracks back.

    I have the buffers set to 128 in both machines. The mac is using a Motu 828 and the PC is using a VSL 2020


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    Lightbulb Re: Audio from 2nd computer?

    You don't need to do anything as complicated as that. I use Logic, but I should imagine cubase has a similar function;

    You want to give the midi tracks going to giga a negative delay - so notes play before the song position reaches them.

    There are ways of finding out the exact latency though. Trigger the same sharp sound from both giga and cubase (on audio track), record the output from your mixer and measure the distance between the peaks in milsecs

    I do this by ear because I find that things like strings usually need more neg delay than percussion.

    Some libraries even have a small bit of silence at the start of the sample (as if we weren't battling with latency enough.) :mad

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    Wink Re: Audio from 2nd computer?

    I am in the exact same shoes as you, 2 computers and I'm using SX 3

    The above answer is correct.

    Even though I don't have the exact methodology because I also just got SX 3, I do know that there is a full latency compensation feature that is available in SX 3

    I wish I could tell you more but I think you'll need to read the manual to get the best answer on that question.

    But don't fret, because I know that they have made a big deal about their latency compensation ability, so I imagine its reasonably reliable and not too terribly difficult. Good luck!

    P.S. If and when you find out what it is and how it works, it would be nice if you posted a quick reference as to your findings in this thread.

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    Re: Audio from 2nd computer?

    Patthoven, I thought the latency compensation was for plug ins and not for audio?

    I will look and see but i went through cubase last night and could not find anyway to do this.

    I'll keep looking...


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    Re: Audio from 2nd computer?

    Quote Originally Posted by gigagagga
    Patthoven, I thought the latency compensation was for plug ins and not for audio?

    Latency compensation does in fact usually have to do not only with plugins, but also with making sure your new recorded tracks are not latent with respect with the existing tracks. So for example, say your system has 30ms of latency, then without latency compensation, every new track you record would be 30ms behind the existing tracks. The way latency compensation works (roughly) is that the system knows what the latency is and aligns the new tracks time-wise with the old tracks assuming this latency value.

    Now I don't know what your problem actually is, but it's not related to latency compensiation, not likely. Of course I use hardware monitoring on an ultra-low-latency system to record so I'm not really well versed on latency problems (running Linux, I can get under 10ms of latency, and with M-Audio hardware I have zero latency monitoring so it's a non-issue).

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    Re: Audio from 2nd computer?

    Yes, there is a strange problem with midi timing (SX and some interfaces)

    Here a thread about this:

    (I changed the midiinterface and now it works -from midisport usb to RME. My old parallelport interface from EES works too)

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