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Topic: How to use Kontakt with Sibelius?

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    How to use Kontakt with Sibelius?


    is there anybody in the world who can give me some hints, how to use Kontakt instead/with Gigastudio?

    In Giga you can load a lot of instruments (articulations) and assign it to a midi chan (e.g. Chan 10, Violin). To us an articulation you simply send a program change via midi and everything is ok.

    My question: Kontakt ignores program changes. Is it true or is there a trick?

    Many thanks in advance

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    Re: How to use Kontakt with Sibelius?

    It doesn`t respond to program changes the way GS does . U have to use the old fasioned way and dupicate your Midi so that diff. aspects or your part can respond to the diff. articultions on diff. midi channels/tracks. U can create your own key switches inside Kontakt of the diff. articulations, and that way your whole part can be on one track. That would be the same effect as program changes in GS. Thats how i do it. If you hunt around the NI site theres Key switch building tutorials on how to do this..It works very well. Since GS seems to need to dominate your DAW ive found no way to run GS 2.5 and any other program side by side. Maybe when they fix the Rewire in GS3 u might be able to on the same machine...Rich

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    Re: How to use Kontakt with Sibelius?

    many thanks!


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