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Topic: GigaStudio160 2.54 Bugs (CPU, no sound)

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    Question GigaStudio160 2.54 Bugs (CPU, no sound)


    I have been experiencing many problems with GigaStudio160 (2.54) and
    have not found TASCAM to be of any help whatsoever. Can anyone help?

    I work for a company that uses GigaStudio160 as a sampler in
    conjunction with an RME MADI card operating as a mixer.
    For our product we need to start and stop GigaStudio regularly. I.e
    anywhere between approx 4 and 40 times a day. This is achieved
    remotely via the command line. With have in house software which
    generates MIDI commands in response to external stimuli and then an
    in house server that reads these MIDI commands for memory and passes
    them to GigaStudio.

    To date the main problems we have experienced are:

    1) Sometimes for no apparent reason when GigaStudio is started it
    will have no CPU percentage on the status panel. When this is the
    case no audio can be heard in response to either external MIDI
    commands or using GigaStudio’s internal keyboard. The only way we
    have found of restoring the percentage and hence the audio is by
    cold booting the PC – and this does not always work.

    2) Sometimes when the CPU does have a percentage MIDI ports 2 –4 are
    greyed out. MIDI port one is green. However audio can be played by
    pressing the keyboard on any port. External MIDI inputs still have
    no effect.
    3) Sometimes when all PORTs are green and the CPU has a percentage
    audio can be played by using the internal keyboard but not from
    external MIDI commands.
    4) We have the mod? Control for each channel set to expression as we
    have found that when set to volume the volume faders respond
    (probably correctly) to external stimuli. We need the volume faders
    to stay as set at all times. We then modify volumes and frequencies
    as needed using the channel aftertouch facility on a layer-by-layer
    basis within each instrument.
    Sometimes we find that we can only hear audio when set to volume?

    This is most annoying and confusing because we have several instance
    of our product – set up identically – which have no problems. And in
    some cases the same instance will switch between working and not
    working with no apparent change in set up!!

    In summary the main questions we have are?

    1) Why is the CPU percentage going blank and how do we recover it?
    2) Why does GigaStudio respond to internal MIDI board and not
    external commands?
    3) Why does GigaStudio sometimes not even respond to the internal

    Apologies for the length of the post and thanks in advance.

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    Re: GigaStudio160 2.54 Bugs (CPU, no sound)

    Try dumping and rebuilding the data base. It's kind of a catchall fix for giga problems. If you don't know how contact me at jaconrad@pacbell.net and I'll write down the process for you. Cheers, jc

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