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Topic: Advice Needed - Single Computer Config for GS3

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    Advice Needed - Single Computer Config for GS3

    Is there a recent posting on this topic? I couldn't find one so am hoping this is not redundant and might be useful for those considering GS3.

    I'm looking for a single computer configuration aimed at small-mid size MIDI/audio recording and live applications with piano, Scarbee Rhodes, etc. In addition to GS3, I will be using Cubase SX with some VST and VSTi plug-ins. I'm on a bit of a budget so here's what I am considering...

    - Asus P4P800 MB
    - Intel P4 3.0 or 3.2
    - 1.5 GB PC3200 DDR SDRAM
    - Western Digital 120GB 7200rpm Serial ATA for programs
    - Western Digital Raptor 36.7GB 10,000 RPM Serial ATA for gigs and other samples
    - M-Audio Audiophile 2496
    - power supply...something quiet...suggestions?

    Does anyone have any comments on this? Any advice would be much appreciated...

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    Re: Advice Needed - Single Computer Config for GS3

    Should be fine. There have been other posts about setups, too.

    Your description is almost exactly what I use; you have an extra half gig memory and a little more processor speed. My 80 GB samples disk is filling up rapidly, by the way, while my 60 GB system disk has tons of space -- so you might consider reversing them.

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    Re: Advice Needed - Single Computer Config for GS3

    For a power supply, the Seasonics Super Silencers are top rated. It should cost under $100. http://www.silentpcreview.com/article28-page3.html

    For $25 you can get a supply that is darn quiet and tests to a reliable 390W. This is what I use: http://store.yahoo.com/directron/fsp30060atv.html

    For heatsinks, I've had great results from Zalman's 6500Cu (Athlon). The 7000 is even better (A64 & P4), and the Thermalright XP-120 is better still. For even more cash


    And check out the Zalman Reserator! http://www.silentpcreview.com/article181-page1.html


    Your MB has no fan. If you get a low cost ATI Radeon, chances are that it will also be fanless.


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    Re: Advice Needed - Single Computer Config for GS3

    Thanks for the replies - very helpful. I'll take another look around for other discussions as well...

    I was thinking of a larger HD for samples but the price is pretty rich on larger 10,000 rpm SATA units. Was hoping I could get by with this smaller one for now and then add another down the road.

    That silent PC site has some great information! I hadn't considered the HS fan yet - this will really help.

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    Re: Advice Needed - Single Computer Config for GS3

    You might want to take a look at the gigabyte boards. They have some that come with 6 memory slots. It's a cool solution to be able to add more memory later using 512's instead of 1 gig sticks.
    I just upgraded 3 computers to them and they work great with Giga.

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    Re: Advice Needed - Single Computer Config for GS3

    Note that the Gigabyte motherboards have a big honkin' fan. They even seem to feature the fan on the picture on the box. For a quiet PC I like ASUS. None of their recent MBs have fans.


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    Re: Advice Needed - Single Computer Config for GS3

    If you want an ASUS socket 478 board, consider staying away from the Asus P4C800 Deluxe and consider the P4C800-E instead. There were memory problems with the initial release of the motherboard along with poor onboard LAN, as well as some other minor issues. ASUS has addressed these problems in the -e series and it is now a stable platform.

    Both boards are still available in the retail chain and sometimes, depending on the vender, there is little information to differentiate between the two.

    Allen Zurcher

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    Re: Advice Needed - Single Computer Config for GS3

    After some additional digging in previous posts, I've read other advice pointing to the Asus P4C800-E for Socket 478 processors. It is about $90 Canadian more than the other board I was considering but that will be a small price to pay for predictable performance. Nothing beats using common gear. Thanks again to all for the advice.

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    Re: Advice Needed - Single Computer Config for GS3

    Don't go with that WD 120gig. They are loud. I would go for a Seagate drive, or Samsung. Although the Samsungs can come with one of two motors: JVC or NIDEC. The JVC is loud, and is more common in North America.

    Oh yeah, don't go for the 36 gig Raptor either, IT is loud too. If you really need the 10,000rpm, bite the bullet and get the 74gig (assuming you want your rig to be quiet). Otherwise, you are really fine with a 7200rpm drive for samples. I would recommend Seagate again, for noise. In fact, you should be fine with any drive that uses FDB (fluid dynamic bearings), which is almost any SATA drive on the market today, EXCEPT for WD drives (74gig Raptor excluded).

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    Re: Advice Needed - Single Computer Config for GS3

    NCQ won't really provide much advantage in streaming samples, as in GigaStudio. It does, however, improve performance to a degree in general random access patterns, such as general desktop use (browsing the web, word processing, etc.), but for a DAW, I wouldn't really fret over it. All the drives coming out for NCQ right now are really big, expensive, and overkill for the benefits that NCQ provides. In an unrelated topic, I'm going for an Athlon 64, they are a much better value than Intel CPUs right now.

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