Ka... BOOM.

You know the sound that you hear when you knock over an amplifier with an old spring reverb unit? KaBOOO000oooM.

I've now had that happen three times with GS3.01.

Here's the situation... A sequence that worked fine with 3.00 now leaves hanging notes after program changes. I've been tweaking things to change the program after the previous notes have ended. To stop the notes from ringing, I've turned off Giga's sound engine, then turned it back on.

Then I "rewind" Sonar 3. Then I hit spacebar to play the sequence. Ka... BOOM. And yes, I'm using GigaPulse as an ambience.

Fortunately, my ears, soundcard, speakers and amplifier are still intact.

I've found that I can also stop the stuck note (and find its source) by muting then unmuting the channel in Giga. I don't believe that I got any explosions after that. The explosions only came after stopping/starting the engine, then starting a sequence. It occurs only rarely.

Anyway, if you are chasing a stuck note problem, turn down the volume! I have been working on a quiet piece and had turned up the volume to hear the individual instruments.

I'm looking forward to GS3.02. Fixing stuck notes and explosions should be at the top of the bug list.