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Topic: Another Carolan Piece

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    Another Carolan Piece

    haven't been on the site for a while, i've been a bit too busy with non musical stuff too boring to be of interest to anyone here but i have managed to do this wee bit of a thing.

    it's not meant to be too serious

    Carolan's Farewell to Music


    offers of beer etc.


    mick ó c

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    Re: Another Carolan Piece

    I really like the solo horn. I was going to complain about the low level of the piece until it increased about 2 minutes in. Very nice all around. There are some chords that sound organy to my ears. They could probably use some dynamic changes or more spreading out to get rid of this effect when they show up in the brass around 3 minutes in. I have this happening to me in a piece and I'm fighting it too.

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    Re: Another Carolan Piece

    thanks for listening joseph and thanks for the tips.


    mick ó c

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